When Your Child Needs a Tutor

One of my part time jobs during college is tutoring. My neighbor, the sister of my grade school teacher, asked me to teach her son because he is weak in Math. The mother told me that her son always receive low scores during Math exams. I agree with her observation because I noticed that her son had little grasp of mathematical concepts while I was teaching him.

This student definitely needs a tutor

The mother of my student made the right decision. Her son truly needed a tutor to help him exceed in Math. It is good that my student's mother picked me as a tutor.

Hiring a tutor for your child will truly help him excel in his studies. The tutor will give your child the full attention that he needs. Your child does not receive the full attention at school that is why a tutor is vital, especially if he has failing grades in any subjects.

Hiring a tutor for your child is not easy because it is not easy to find high quality tutors. The truth is that there many tutors of doubtful value, which means that your child will not receive the tutoring that he needs. Thus, finding an excellent tutor is very important.

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  1. she has a teacher sister yet she hired you to teach her son?
    hmm well tutorials was my worst nightmare since i don't have tha passion of teaching

    1. Yes she still hired me despite of that. The reason is that the teacher doesn't teach Math.

  2. I had a tutor once. When I was in Grade 1. It was fun naman and I'm really thankful for all her help. =)


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