King Sisig the Second Time Around

Shopping in Divisoria is an exhausting activity. Taking the long walks, haggling with the vendors and bumping other shoppers along the way always drain our energy. That’s why after one of our Divisoria shopping spree, My Beloved Wife pulled me to a restaurant where she previously had a good-tasting sisig.

That restaurant is King Sisig in Isetann Recto.

King Sisig in Isetann Recto

We can’t recall the sisig meal that she had eaten earlier. So, we just ordered Pork Sizzling Sisig with unlimited rice and sunny-side up egg.

Pork sizzling sisig of King Sisig

My Beloved Wife ordered the Seafood Sisig Rice.

Seafood sisig rice of King Sisig

I had no qualms with the sisig that we ordered. The Pork Sizzling Sisig, at 99 pesos, is reasonably priced because it is the normal price for meals with unlimited rice. The Seafood Sisig Rice is priced at 59 pesos.

Anghang meter of King Sisig
(Source: King Sisig website)

King Sisig is challenging their customers because they have their so-called anghang meter. We enjoy eating sisig if it has a pinch of spiciness. I think that our sisig  are just at the medium to hot level. We’re not up to the challenge of eating the super hot sisig.

Kiwi greent tea of

For our drinks, we ordered Incredible Hulk’s blood the Kiwi Green Tea.

Lumpia of King Sisig

The lumpia that came with our King Sisig meal is the weakest link because My Beloved Wife like it. She said that it tasted stale.

Sisig is one of My Beloved Wife’s favourite dish. With My Beloved Wife craving for King Sisig’s sisig, I can say that this restaurant is good.

My rating for King Sisig is: 3.1 out of 5

Food Quality (50%) – Food tastes OK – 3 out of 5
Ambience (10%) – Acceptable for fast food restaurant but some improvements will make the place look better. The central lighting made of recycled jars takes the cake – 4 out of 5
Customer Service (20%) – King Sisig Crew are polite and they immediately respond to my requests of unli rice – 3 out of 5
Waiting Time (20%) -  We didn’t get bored waiting for our food – 3 out of 5


Note: Ratings here are very subjective and only applicable to our experiences mentioned in this blog post. Ratings for King Sisig – Recto Isetann Branch may change in the future blog posts.

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  1. Sisig, eh? Didn't have that at the Filipino restaurant that day. Watch out for my post on it in my blog. Coming soon.

    1. Try our sisig, if you see it in one of the Filipino restaurant there.

      I'm waiting for that blog post. :-)


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