End of the Month Roundup - April 2014

Ishmael Ahab is back from the depths
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And from the great depth of hiatus a Pinoy Blogger emerges!

There are so many things that happened to me these past months. One thing is when I tied the knot with My Beloved Wife. What followed is the period of adjustment to a married life. I’m glad to say that I’m returning, albeit slowly, to my old blogging habits.

Since April has the holiest season for Catholics, I made sure that I will not miss doing my blog tradition every Holy Week. I successfully published blog posts about 7 churches for my virtual Visita Iglesia. These are the churches that I “visited”:

1. Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in Grace Park, Caloocan City

Shrine of Our Lady of Grace

2. Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel in Philippine Marines Barrack, Fort Bonifacio

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Church in Marine Barracks, Taguig

3. Malate Church in Manila

Malate Church

4. Our Lady of the Airways Church in Pasay City

Our Lady of the Airways

5. Saint Dominic Savio Church in Mandaluyong City

Altar of Saint Dominic Savio Church in Mandaluyong

6. Don Bosco Church in Makati City

Don Bosco Church Altar

7. Quiapo Church in Manila

Quiapo Church Altar

The virtual Visita Iglesia is not only the activity that I did for the Holy Week. I experienced for the first time going to a church for the Siete Palabras.

I also posted about the yummy ginataang kalabasa cooked by My Beloved Wife and also our dinner at King Sisig.

Expect more posts from me in the month of May because I’m back. I’m finally back.

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  1. My favourite is No. 3. So so awesome - I love the old churches - something about them that the new ones seem to lack.

    1. Oh, you like Malate Church. I like it too because it is one of the old churches of Manila. And I agree with you, old churches (or churches built according to old architectural designs), have something in them that the modern-style churches lack.


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