Our Experience in Themes and Motifs Bridal Fair

Following the advice of my office friend and kumpare, My Beloved Fiancé and I went to a bridal fair hosted by Themes and Motifs.

The fair area, located in World Trade Center, was crowded with suppliers and inquiring couples. The fair was almost like Divisoria because of the haggling that occurred all over the place.

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We spent the whole afternoon walking to each booth searching for best deals. Of the time that spent in the bridal fair, we managed to book only our photographer. Other suppliers seemed to offer steep priced deals.

Our visit to Themes and Motifs bridal fair was not that fruitful. This doesn’t mean, however, that I dissuade any soon-to-be-wed couples from going to any bridal fair. There are benefits in going a bridal fair like:

1. Ideas – bridal fairs are events where wedding suppliers showcase their best ideas. We saw plenty of creative ideas for invitation cards, wedding gifts, cakes, gowns, and even photography. Lei’s wedding gown was actually copied from the gown that we saw during the fair.

2. Meeting the Best Suppliers – bridal fairs are events where the best wedding suppliers get together in one place. This set-up is very convenient for couples because it is easy to compare offers because suppliers are few steps from one another.

3. Discounts and Freebies – Since competition is stiff during bridal fairs, wedding suppliers try to outdo their competitors through discounts and freebies. You can take advantage of this and get the best deals out there.

Going to a bridal fair is not vital but the ideas, the discounts, and the convenience offered by such event should be enough reason for you to go. Take note that our Themes and Motifs bridal fair experience was not fruitful but we managed to book and photographer and saw and inspiration for Lei’s wedding gown.

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