How the RH Bill Will Waste Taxpayers' Money

I found an insightful video from I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page showing how the Philippines Government will waste billions of pesos just by distributing "free" condoms if the Reproductive Health Bill become a law (I certainly hope not).

Here is the video:

It was assumed that around 12 million Filipino married men can demand condoms if the RH Bill became a law. Old men are already removed in the figure and according to census, there 15 million married men. It was also assumed that a piece of condom costs 5 pesos. It was also assumed that a married Filipino man will get 3 condoms per week plus during other special events like birthday, promotions, etc.

Doing some simple multiplication, the government will spend a whopping 9 BILLION. That is 9 Billion on condoms alone and sexually active single men are not included in this figure. Aside from that, RH Bill will also require the government to distribute "free" birth pills, IUDs and other contraceptive tools.

What a waste of money. 9 Billion will go a long way in helping the agriculture sector. That's where the money should go.

The manufacturers of condoms will be laughing at us, the Filipino people, once the RH Bill is passed. They will laugh like the turkey at the end of the video while they are sitting on our hard-earned money.

To understand more about the RH Bill, I suggest that you visit Filipinos for Life website.

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  1. it's better to shell out that amount than double when there are more hungry mouths to feed.

  2. Is it really better to waste that amount of money for condoms, dear Anon?

    Well, let me tell you this. Condom will NOT decrease population as much as you want it to happen. Nah!

    There are studies that the increase in the use of contraceptives like condoms lead to an increase of unwanted pregnancies. So, instead of absolutely preventing pregnancy, these condoms and pills fail.

    What are the reasons for this?

    1. Condoms make the people feel that they are 100% protected from making "disgrasya." They believe that can never make a woman pregnant so they become more risky in their sex life. An increase in condom use leads to increase of extra-marital and pre-marital sex.

    2. Condoms have inherent failure rates. Some condoms break, slip, or torn while being used even if it used correctly. Also, some people fail to use condom correctly. They are in heat of the moment that is why some fail to wear these rubber correctly.

    Now, because of increase in extra-marital and pre-marital relationships plus the inherent failure of condoms, it is not surprising that there will be an increase in "unwanted pregnancies."

    Now, an increase in unwanted pregnancies will lead to another addition to population, right Anon?

    The video is suggesting that instead of wasting this 9 billion to condoms, it is better to put it in developing our farmlands.

    The Philippines is still an agricultural country and many of our farms are ill-developed. Many farmers still uses the carabao when in fact there are already tractors and other modern machines that is used in tilling farms. Many farms don't have enough irrigation. We still lack a decent farm to market roads.

    We are saying that taxpayer's should be invested in Agriculture because:

    1. It will give employment for many Filipinos that can't find work in the urban centers.

    2. It will increase our food supply and it is enough to feed all Filipinos and we can export foodstuff to other nations.

    Oh, by the way, if you didn't know, presently, our country is wasting great amount of rice because of our wasteful lifestyle. The amount of rice wasted is enough to feed four million Filipinos. Also, percentage of rice from the farm are wasted because of antiquated farm procedures.

    Now, tell me Anon, is it better to waste our money to condoms or developing the agriculture sector?


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