Finally! A Domain Name

After long weeks of waiting, I finally set-up the new domain name of my reviews and tips blog. From the free domain name provided by Blogger (which is, my Ahab Reviews and Tips blog now has a .com for its address.
Ahab Reviews and Tips
Now it is

Circumstances are working against me as I set Ahab Reviews and Tips to custom domain. There is an instance when I can’t register the custom domain in GoDaddy because the browser in my laptop is not working well. There is an instance when I got stump because I can’t use my PayPal account to buy the custom domain because it requires me to verify my account by using a credit card or debit card. Because of this, I was forced to apply for a Unionbank EON Card just to verify my Paypal Account.

After all the hassles, I finally bought and set-up my new custom domain. Now it is time for me to get serious in this blogging business and earn as much money as my idol Bluedreamer.


Visit Ahab Reviews and Tips and read how to apply for a Unionbank EON Card.

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  1. wow. galing. Gusto ko ring gawin yan though wala pa akong idea sa ganyang level.

  2. Congrats naman at may sarili ka ng domain name.Pang free lang muna ako. hehehe!

  3. @Diamond:

    Pareho lang tayo Diamond. Ako nga wala ring kaalam-alam noong nagsimula akong mag-plano na bumili ng sariling domain eh. Ayun, todo research ang ginawa ko at tumalab naman. ^_^

    Kung gusto mo, tuturuan kita kung paano gawin ito kung bibili ka na ng custom domain. ^_^

  4. @Jag:

    Thank you. Thanks for visiting. ^_^

  5. @Anney:

    Naks naman yung blog mo Ate Anney eh. Kahit free lang yung domain mo eh astig naman ang content.

  6. @Psalmist:


    Thank you. God bless your Sunday.

  7. Hey there!

    That's cool, your very own domain! Well you really need to invest a lot of time and possibly money, in that! Blogs need a lot of maintenance. You gotta work on the audience and the content, among other things.

  8. @HalfCrazy:

    Oh yes, really need a lot of effort and time to make things work. ^_^

    But I have a general plan. What I want to achieve is to earn money from my new domain. ^_^

    I hope that I become successful.

  9. Thank you very much sa inyo Megumi, Arvin at Sikoletlover. ^_^

  10. una kong pinuntahan ung reviews and tips pero hindi ko napansin na naging domain name na nga siya not until i read this post. talagang binalikan ko pa. bwahahaha. congrats dun ah!

    nako pinahirapan din ako ng eon na yan... nakakupit sila ng 500 dahil sa katangahan ko. lol

  11. @Tine:

    Naks, nadale pala 500 hundred mo sa pagkuha ng domain. Grabe no. Maraming steps kaya minsan nakalilito. Tyagaan talaga.

  12. congrats on the new domain name! :D it always great to have own domain name! ;)

  13. Oi Ish... congrats.. so happy to hear it from you...

  14. naku nahirapan din ako sa pagapply sa EON...
    Blogger pa rin ba yung platfrom mo after getting your domain? Ano hosting provider mo...
    kasi gusto ko maging dot com din yung Top Five ko kaso ang gusto ko Blogger pa rin ang platform

  15. Idol ka jan..LOL...ikaw nga jan eh ganda ng mga articles mo...^_^

  16. @Bluedreamer:

    Yup. Blogger pa rin yung hosting ko para tipid. ^_^ Bumili ang ako ng domain name sa GoDaddy tapos inayos ko lang yung blog ko para bago na yung domain pero naka-host pa rin sa Blogger.

    Haha...maganda ba? Ikaw naman malaki ang kinikita mo. Kaya ikaw idol ko.

  17. Wonderful information. Custom domain is very much useful for our site. Surely I will try it.


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