The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman

Nobody Owens is not a nobody. Actually, he is the only living person living inside the old graveyard of Old Town. He is the only living person being cared for the the ghosts, the inhabitants of the graveyard.

After his family was murdered by a mysterious person, Nobody Owens grew and live all of his life inside the graveyard. He created an uproar amongst the ghosts when he came to the graveyard. The ghosts don't want to let him stay in the graveyard because he is not dead yet. However, with the help of the Owenses, his guardian Silas and the Grey Lady, Nobody Owens was allowed to stay.
One of great images in The Graveyard Book.

The Graveyard Book is the first Neil Gaiman book that I ever read. I never know anything about Neil Gaiman but I heard that he has so many fans here in the Philippines and many people are praising his literary work. After I read The Graveyard Book, I understand why Neil Gaiman is highly praised.

I like The Graveyard Book because my interest is sustained as I read. There are so many mysteries that Neil Gaiman concocted in this book that kept me going. One mystery is the death of his family and their murderer. Another mystery is Nobody Owen's guardian Silas, who leaves the graveyard looking and doing “something.” Another mystery is the tomb underneath the hill, which is older than the oldest ghostly inhabitant of the graveyard.

The ghostly characters in The Graveyard Book are also interesting. I like the way Gaiman describe each ghostly character. Ghostly characters are appended with what is marked on their grave's headstone just like Doctor Trefussis (1870-1936, May He Wake to Glory).

In the last chapters, Neil Gaiman successfully resolved all the mysteries in the book. The reason of the murder of Nobody Owen's family, his association with the ghosts, his guardian Silas and the mysterious murderer were all tied up into one great ending.

Too bad that there is no sequel for The Graveyard Book. It will be a great series if Neil Gaiman will write sequels for The Graveyard Book. It will be much better that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.



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  1. sa totoo lang hindi ako book lover kasi mabilis ako tamarin haha lalo na pag walang pictures....LOL
    pero mukang interesting tong The Graveyard Book huh... mas hilig ko kasi yung mga mystery at fantasy ba books...

  2. uy alam mo pagnapunta ako sa library,... hindi pwedeng hindi ako pupunta sa Children's corner hahaha ewan ko ba .. an saya kasi tingnan nung mga libro dun haha

  3. napukaw ang aking kamalayan sa pagkwento mo ng libro niyang ito.Mukhang maganda kahit na medyo di ako mahilig sa mga katatakutan.

  4. Thanks for this review! Now you make me want to get myself a copy of this book! : )

  5. @Bluedreamer:

    Actually, hindi naman horror book itong Graveyard Book. It is more of a fantasy book. Mga ka-linya ng Harry Potter kaya swak ito sa panlasa mo.

    Ako naman, kapag napupunta sa library, ang punta ko ay yung sa General References tapos nagbabasa ng history, lalo na yung mga World Wars.

  6. @Diamond:

    Hindi naman po siya horror book. Fantasy novel po ang Graveyard Book.

    Kung mahilig po kayo sa fantasy ay swak po sa inyo ito. ^_^

  7. @Foong:

    Yeah, I recommend this book for reading. The author of Graveyard Book book spun his tale perfectly.

  8., thank you. Not into reading anymore these days, and not into such books either.

  9. @STP:

    Ah, so you are not that into reading anymore eh? That's ok because you are still reading by reading other people's blogs. ^_^

  10. you're also into novels, mukha maganda nga yang book a yan ah, esp this summer i am into novels din kahapon i just started a book...

    wow, so you will follow Neil Gaiman's novels na?

  11. hindi kasi ako mahilig magbasa ng libro... oo nagbabasa ako pero ung mga trip ko lang ba. hahaha. kaya pala ang talino mo eh! :p daming alam! hahaha


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