A Good Anti-RH Bill Video

I saw a good video regarding the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) In the I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook fan page. Here is that anti-RH video:

The Anti-RH Bill video may be banned by YouTube so in the case that it is banned, please watch the video at Gloria.Tv.

The video pretty summarizes the points against the RH Bill.

This video talks about the following points:

1. The Philippine Constitution protects the life of both the mother and the unborn. Thus it is unconstitutional to pass a law that will endanger the life of both the mother and the unborn. Most contraceptive pills that are being promoted by the RH Bill cause cancer, which threaten the life of women. Also, these pills are aborticafent, which means that it prevents newly conceived child from being implanted to uterine wall and results to the death of the child.

2. Life begins the moment the sperm and egg cells unite. This is the fact verified by the Philippine Medical Association.

3. The RH Bill is being pushed by people and organizations that have racist agenda, specifically by the white supremacy groups. Leading pusher of the RH Bill is Planned Parenthood, which is the leading abortion provider in USA. The founder of Planned Parenthood is a racist and aimed to reduce the number of “inferior races.”

4. Increased in the use of contraception leads to increase of abortion rates. This is verified by Guttmacher Institute and Planned Parenthood, both of which are pro-abortion groups.

5. Planned Parenthood is associated with the local organizations that push for the RH Bill, like Likhaan. With notoriety of Planned Parenthood with regards to their abortion business, it is not fartfetched to think that Likhaan will also push for an abortion bill in the future.

6. The RH Bill will lead the Philippines to Demographic Winter, which is a situation wherein there are very few babies being born and the current generation is ageing. This is the situation faced by Japan, Korea and European countries that passed their own versions of the RH Bill in the past. These countries have few young people supporting a large number of old people. Thus, these countries rely on immigrants to keep their economy running.

Those are the few points raised in the video regarding the RH Bill. I hope that you watch and share the video to your friends and family. Let us inform our kababayans regarding the evil of RH Bill.

To know more about the RH Bill, I suggest that you visit the Filipinos for Life website. To view more videos about the RH Bill and Pro-Life issues, visit the IORTHB Youtube page.

Speak up against the RH Bill, join the I Oppose the RH Bill Facebook page!


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  1. Although artificial contraceptives are 100% legal in the Philippines, it doesn't mean these stuff are 100% safe. Reproductive Health is great, but the Bill on RH bill is not good as it gets.

  2. Vic

    Indeed. The RH Bill is very costly. 3 Billion and more just for "reproductive health"? How about the health of other parts of the body?

    How about agriculture and other sectors in the country? When will they get their badly needed funds from the government?


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