End of the Month Roundup - July 2013

I’m glad that I finished posting about my short but enjoyable trip to Koh Samet Island in Rayong Province of Thailand. One big bulk of Thailand travel series down and more to go.

As I had said previously, I truly enjoyed our short stay in Koh Samet Island. Good place and good company collided to give me a good time.

I posted a lot about Koh Samet Island and I believe that anyone who wants to know about this “wonder island” will find my posts very useful So, for those who want to read everything that I wrote about this island should read this tag: Koh Samet Island.

I took a lot photos, as usual, and some of them I consider good.

One photo that I like is this blurry image of the sky lantern:
Lights in Koh Samet Island

This photo reminds me of abstract paintings.

The photo of my footprint looks good too.

Footprint on Koh Samet Island

But the best photo that I took on Koh Samet Island will be that of the sunset during our first day on the island.

Sunset in Koh Samet Island

Well, photos of sunsets are quite hard to beat no?

I posted on my other blogs as well. For the month of July, I posted some useful articles about BPI Express Online. One is about transferring funds from one BPI account to another, and the other is about enrolling new accounts in BPI Express Online.

I also posted in my “satire” blog, Ampalaya News, where I featured Pia Cayetano’s backless (ewwww) SONA attire, the awarding of best fiction writer to Noynoy and the Human Ban Ordinance of Erap and Isko.

Isko Moreno and Erap Estrada showing the Human Ban Ordinance
Isko and Erap declaring that human beings are no longer allowed in Manila.

In my serious blog, Tome of a Layman, I posted my commentary about the immodest fashion trends for little girls’ clothing. The post is my entry for Filipinos for Life July 2013 blogging event, which is about the deadly fruits of Sexual Revolution.

July 2013 blogging event of Filipinos for Life

Some of you might have noticed that I’m starting to post about our wedding preparations. For this month, I posted about SM MoA’s The Venue and my reaction to high wedding expenses. It is quite shocking.

Expect to see more blog posts of our wedding preparations as we go nearer to our BIG DAY.

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  1. Hi Ish,

    The oil slick around Samet Island and Rayong was around 9 kilometres in length so it is not recommended to visit as of now. It is such a pity that tourism is hurt badly by something like this. The death of corals and fish around pose a great risk to people and fishermen who earns from the sea. I hope this problem will be solved immediately.

    1. Tsk tsk tsk...this is a sad news. :-(

      I hope too that this problem will be resolved immediately. I also hope that the damage in Koh Samet Island and surrounding seas is minimal.

  2. Hay... haven't been blog hopping for a while. Sobrang busy and such. I miss out on a lot a! =)

    1. :-) You're one busy Mom. OK lang po yun. Bumibisita naman kayo lagi kapag may time.

  3. I miss blog hopping. Life talaga just seems to want your attention from all sides. Hay... I'm missing out on a lot of news a. =)

    1. Haha...pareho tayo. Ako hindi magkandaugaga kung anong gagawin. Busy sa work. Nagiging busy (and stressed) sa wedding preparations. May iba pang concerns. Naapektuhan na nga rin yung pagba-blog ko eh.

  4. well i enjoyed your post buddy hope to see more
    great stuff this month anyway i never know you have other

    1. Thank you very much MeCoy.

      I have many blogs like your Bro, Milton.


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