Of My Plans and the Future

“We are getting old.”

This is what smacked me during a small gathering with college friends last Saturday night. I just believe that it is already two years since I graduated from college and most of us are turning 24 next year. It is not a wholesome thought for since getting old is one of my greatest phobias. I just want to keep my youth as long as possible. I want to be 22 for the rest of my life. That is impossible, of course. We are not in Neverland and I am not Peter Pan.

So there we are, talking about the past and future. The male friends all decided to work abroad and they are betting on who will be the first to go to the other countries and live as an OFW. The female friends are still undecided and do not have concrete plans on whether to work here or abroad. Most of our friends from the college batch before us already work and live abroad. As of the moment, my male friends are still waiting to end their contracts and also for a good opportunity to come up. As for me, I am still stuck with a two year contract with the government.

“So what is my plan?”

They could have asked that question and give them my usual answer: “Just waiting to finish my two year contract and see what will come up.” That is my best and safe answer.

Actually, I do not have the answer. I am turning 24 next year and still do not have a grand plan like my college friends. Sometimes, I feel like I was drifting aimlessly, tempted to look for opportunities abroad, all the while wanting to stay home with family and loved ones. Being a drifter in the future, that is my real phobia, the reason of wanting to stay young, unchanged.

So far here is my plan: (1) To continue working in the government even if my two year contract ends, (2) Look for a good opportunity that will enable me stay here in the Philippines and be with my loved ones, (3) If that “good opportunity” proved to be quite profitable in the long-term, I will leave my day job and focus more on it, (4) If all else fail or if my situation get desperate, find a work abroad and be an OFW.

As of the moment, I am contented with my life. I am happy at work and in my home. I am happy with my relationships and with my friends. I am happy blogging and reading blogs of my online friends. I am still on the look-out for that “good opportunity” (actually, I am already working on one and I hope that it fare well).

Last Saturday’s small gathering make me to look deep to myself and compare my plans with my friends’ plan with the future. I believe that the Divinely inspired chain of events placed me in current position now and that same Divine Providence will take me into a good place in the future. The small gathering also make me look deep inside my soul and study the past and how it affected me and my friends, but that will be in another blog post.

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  1. I share your thoughts. I feel the same way.. It's really hard to think about the future.. When I was younger, I was so excited to grow up. And now, I can honestly say that I don't want to grow older. Growing older means more responsibilities and I don't think I can handle that yet.

  2. I hate growing old since I was a kid. I just want to be a person who could be an adult but look young.

    I need to get that quality of the vampires.

  3. Haha! That would be cool. But I don't think it would be fun to watch your loved ones grow old and die. XD

  4. :-) Actually that is a sad thing. Seeing your love ones grow old, wither, then die. You will live forever and the memories of your love ones will fade because new people will keep on coming to your life.

  5. my future is my greatest worry too.
    i'm 19 and i'd be graduating from college a few months from now.
    and i'm thinking if there would be good opportunities waiting for me.
    i don't want to end up working for low-paying jobs all my life.

    i really hope we all get what we want. i know our fears will push us to strive for the better. :)

  6. before, i used to think that the Fountain of Youth is real and i would conquer heaven and earth just to have a drink from it, so i can be young forever... but as times passed, i realized that getting old makes you more mature and makes you appreciate life more.. dont be afraid to get old.. things get better as time passes by.. as long as you have plans for your future, He will make your life as easy as A-B-C.. :)

  7. in my case i also setting plans for my future but unfortunately most of them turns out completely opposite to what i've plan hehe

  8. @aenid

    Wow, you are just 19 yet you write your pieces well. :-) Don't fear, I am sure that there are good things in store for you after you graduated in college.

    Magaling ka eh. :-) I am offering my help to you if you need it.


    What I really want is to mature but retain my youthful physique. But then again that is not possible.But thanks to the passage of time, I gain more experiences and wisdom that I could carry in the end of my life.

    Thank you for the advice


    Life can not be predicted blue. I also experience that kind of things in my life. I think that makes us more a humbler person. Instead of giving what we want, life is teaching us to place all our hope to God and His Divine Providence. God knows better than us. :-)

  9. Gerontophobia - fear of getting old.

    You can be 22 forever.
    I remember the saying "Growing up is an option"

    It's frustrating when people ask me "What is your plan?" and I always wanted to answer - "Why do you want to know?" - But I never did, that was rude..

    I have been musing about that these past few days - people are just soooo insensitive that they always put pressure by asking about plans.


  10. Hi Kcjacinto,

    Nope, I am not rushing up. I have my own plan and that is to let God's Providence take me whatever place I be brought to.

    I do not want to leave the Phils., that's why I am doing my best to ensure that I have a back-up income aside from my day job.

    We can do it Kc. We can succeed. :-)

  11. Wow. You're 23 and you think you're getting old? Now I really do feel old.

  12. Oh you are not old Daddy. You will always be young as long as you believe that you are young at heart. :-)


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