Daily Ride on LRT Train

When the government started its C-3 (Araneta Avenue) / R-7 (Quezon Avenue) Interchange Project, I decided to avoid riding the bus when I go to and from the office. This decision left me no choice but to travel using the LRT -3. The interchange project aims to build an underpass along Quezon Avenue so as to ease the flow of traffic at the avenue's intersection with Araneta Avenue. The result, of course, is the heavy traffic for those who are passing through Quezon Avenue.
Heavy traffic at Quezon Avenue corner Araneta Avenue.
Traffic at Quezon Avenue corner Araneta Avenue.
Light Rail Transit – 3 (LRT -3) or the so-called “Purple Line” passes through the University Belt. Thus, the usual riders of the LRT – 3 are college students. What I like with LRT – 3 is that its coach are more spacious as compared with the coaches of LRT – 1 and MRT. Also, LRT – 3 has fewer passengers as compared with the other rail transits. Due to this, LRT – 3 is still spacious even during the rush hours.
Inside LRT Purple Line coach.
I never experience this much space in LRT-1 or MRT.
LRT Purple Line is crowded.
LRT during the rush hour is not body-crushing crowded
as compared with the MRT.
Another thing that I like about LRT – 3 is that the platform is relatively cleaner and wider than that in LRT – 1 and MRT. The platforms are also well-lighted.

I think that the LRT – 3 is the direct opposite of LRT – 1 because the latter is the worst of the rail lines that I rode on so far. LRT – 1 passes along Taft Avenue from Monumento to Baclaran. LRT – 1 has crowded coaches, dirty and dark platforms, and dilapidated train stations.

LRT – 3 is the best rail transit in Metro Manila. However, it is still an inconvenience that I ride the LRT – 3 to and from work. It would be easier for me to ride a bus just like the time before the start of the Interchange Project. Too bad that the duration of the project is 15 months long, which means that I have to ride the LRT until the second half of 2012. The only consolation that I have is that I am traveling via the LRT – 3 and not the too crowded LRT – 1 and MRT.

P.S. I saw an interesting graffiti while I'm in the Betty Go-Belmonte Station. Is this the way how graffiti artists say sorry to someone?
LRT Purple Line graffiti
Foreground graffiti says "Sorry na Julie" (I am sorry Julie).

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First image came from Balita.

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  1. Yes, they use this in Kuala Lumpur too... I like the MRT in Singapore, nicer.

  2. The only train ride that I experienced outside of the Philippines is the one in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). I had a smooth ride their STP.

  3. Good to know this latest LRT is more spacious and comfortable! Oh! That's an interesting graffiti alrite! : )

  4. Oh yes Foong. The new LRT looks better. That's why it is my favorite of the four train lines in Metro Manila.


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