San Francisco Bay Lodge - The Place Where I Stayed in the Camotes Islands

My tour around Camotes Island is enjoyable but pretty exhausting. That's why I am glad that my friends from the island sent me to a good place to rest my travel-weary body. They brought me to San Francisco Bay Lodge, which is located in the town of San Francisco. I stayed about three days at this place while waiting for the time for me to go back to Cebu.

I heard that San Francisco Bay Lodge is owned by a foreigner and Filipina couple. The owners are abroad and the caretaker and her helpers manage the whole place. San Francisco Bay Lodge has four rooms that has this bed:
Camotes Island - San Francisco Bay Lodge bed

That big bed is perfect for a person like me who moves a lot while sleeping. The room is big enough and has its own toilet and shower. I secretly inspected the second floor of the building where I stayed but there is nothing to see there because its construction is still unfinished. If you are in San Francisco Bay Lodge then the place where you can mill around inside the building is at the lobby.
Camotes Island - San Francisco Bay Lodge lobby

And have nice talk with these figurines:
Camotes Island - San Francisco Bay Lodge figurines
Tres Aquarians
The caretaker and her helpers are courteous and friendly. I had a good chat with them while I was eating my meals. I ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner inside the San Francisco Bay Lodge because they offer cooked meals. Eat your dinner at their “restaurant” and have a friendly chat with the caretaker, who has a hard time talking Tagalog.

San Francisco Bay Lodge is not for beach-loving tourists because the place has no beach. The place is located right beside an overhanging cliff that is too high for those who want to swim in the sea.
Camotes Island - San Francisco Bay Lodge cliff
Overhanging cliff of Camotes Island. At the background is Poro Island.

That's why I said previously that I did not got the chance to swim in the sea during my whole stay at Camotes Island. Nonetheless, I enjoyed breathing the fresh air and looking at the clear waters of Camotes Island.
Camotes Island - San Francisco Bay Lodge clear sea
Sea of Camotes Island is so clear that the rocks underwater are visible.

This is my last post for the Camotes Island series. The next series is my second adventures around Cebu City.

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  1. Masa maganda sana kung mau shoreline ano? Para makaligo ang mga visitors ng place. Ok na din at maganda namn ang view.

  2. Wow! The sea water is indeed very clear! I think just looking at the sea and breathe in the fresh air is good enough - no need to swim in it! Haha!

  3. This is so very beautiful!!! I wonder if it is expensive or not...

  4. Why did you NOT post a price?

  5. I actually don't know the price of stay at this place. A generous sponsor gave me free board and lodging at this place and I forgot to ask about the price of stay.

    Sorry for the lack of details.

  6. Hello from Canada Ishmael, I have really enjoyed your posts on Camotes Islands. As I have been looking for quieter, cleaner islands to visit during our Winter months you have helped me decide. This will be my 2nd. trip to The Philippines, the 1st one I visited Cebu, Manila, Davao, Dumaguette, Bantayan & Badian. So you see I kept just missing Camotes each journey.

    1. Hello Glen.

      I am glad that you enjoyed reading my posts about Camotes Island. Come and visit the Philippines. Be our guest in Camotes :-)

      God bless.


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