Filipino Restaurant Unwind

Blogposts ago, I talked about how my youngest brother was drained by the UPCAT. So to make my brother relax and unwind, we brought him to Ayala Technopark located just across Commonwealth Avenue for a heavy lunch. 'Twas a heavy lunch indeed because we decided to dine in a Filipino restaurant and to have sample of Filipino dish. Fortunately, we found one Filipino restaurant and that is the Kanin Club.

Kanin is the Filipino word that means rice. Kanin Club offers Filipino dish in a classy setting.
Empty plate makes me more hungry.

We ordered Pork Barbecue and Lomi. For our drinks, we chose Bottomless Iced Tea. Since Kanin Club is not a fastfood restaurant, we waited for about 30 minutes for the first dish to reach our table. Thankfully, the bottomless iced tea was served while we are waiting for our food.
Bottomless iced tea is bottomless.

The Bottomless Iced Tea cost about 95 pesos per person. To get even with Kanin Club, I decided to drink lots of Ice Tea while waiting for our food. That is a wrong decision since I am already full when our food reached our table.
Yummy Lomi.

The dish are served in large plates and bowls and still hot and simmering. I tasted the Lomi first and it is not that bad. My barometer for this is the Lomi that we cooked in our home. Well, the Lomi at Kanin Club passed my barometer.
 My favorite pork.

My favorite dish for that day in Kanin Club would be the Pork Barbecue. It is cooked well and tasted well. Though, there is nothing special about that pork barbecue.

All in all, we enjoyed dining at Kanin Club. We took a long time to finish our lunch and talked about many things. It is a great bonding time for me and my brothers. The service is fast and the crew are prompt. We spent 112 Pesos for the Pork Barbecue and 239 Pesos for the Lomi. For the person of three, the price is not that bad.
 Kanin Club, Ayala Technopark.

Well, I learned my lesson in Kanin Club. The lesson is not to drink too much Bottomless Iced Tea lest I spoil my dining.

Next time, I will go dine in another Filipino restaurant to have another heavy meal and enjoyable dining.


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  1. oh love the Lomi Ish... It's been awhile ...
    happy blogging my friend

  2. You like Lomi pala. Tamang tama sa iyo yung Kanin Club.

    Happy blogging din sa iyo. Hope you had a good Sunday.

  3. The food looks good. We also have lor mee here - but it's not the same. LOL!!!

  4. ^_^ What king of Lor mee do you have their. I belive that it is not noodles.

  5. Haha! Yeah it's not a good idea to drink too much before a meal!

    I like the look of that lomi and BBQ pork! Delicious! Would love to taste them! : )

  6. Haha! Yeah. I learned my lesson. Next time, I'll eat first before I drown myself of bottomless iced tea.


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