Being an Ace Attorney Makes One Ill

Last week, I had a bad case cough and headache that paralyzed my mind from working. I just sat on my chair, glanced at the computer, and fought hard not to fall asleep. I forced myself to last until 5:30 so I will be free to go home. Alas, I survived. I rode the bus, endured the heavy traffic, and slept on the jeepney to my hometown. Gladly, I have enough strength to eat supper and drink medicine before sleeping.

My Facebook status, last Wednesday, read like this:

Yeah, that was a though day. To recuperate, I took a leave last Friday.

So what made me ill? I have plenty of reasons. One is that work related stress took the upper hand. Secondly, I slept late because I am solving cases as an ace attorney.

Yep, I am an ace attorney. Of course, not in the real world but in a game. That game is “Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice” in Nintendo DS.
Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice

I became addicted to this game because it challenges my mind to work logically. In Ace Attorney, I took the role of the rookie defense lawyer Apollo Justice. As of now, I have already solved three cases in Ace Attorney and I am now solving the murder case of an Interpol agent. My fight is in a court of law and I have to use logic, evidences available, and the ability to see through people’s lies.
"Ace Attonrney" characters.

Ace Attorney is a great game. But I guess I have to limit my playing and sleep early.

How about you guys, what are the games you are addicted to? Are you also interested in some courtroom drama like in Ace Attorney?


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  1. Hehehe :D Kala ko talaga Ace Attorney ka tapos tatanong ko sayo kung ano yung Ace Attorney lolzz

  2. I hope you're feeling better now, Ish..

  3. Well I hope I'm first! Haha! Yeah, I knew you were sick from your tweets! So you are OK now?

  4. So the cause of sickness is sleeping late due to playing games! Gosh!! You really should not do that! Sleep earlier. Haha! I am good at giving advice but I don't practise what I preach. LOL!

  5. me, am not addicted to games. in my free time i update my blogs and surf on the net.
    thnks for dropping by! have a nice day!

  6. I seldom play games actually cos no time! You see, I need to work, blog, tweet, watch some Hong Kong drama serials, do some house chores, workout and I have no more time left to play games! Except occasionally I'll just play games on my iPhone : )

    But this Ace Attorney sounds very interesting! Hmm, maybe I should give it a try! When I'm free, that is, haha!

    I love courtroom drama and I'm talking about TV shows like The Practice, Law and Order, Damages and even Ally McBeal!

    Oh, have you seen The Exorcism Of Emily Rose about the girl that was possessed? I loved the courtroom drama in that movie too!! Splendid!

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    I already have the widget on my blog under the title "Tweet Me" on the side bar : )

  8. wow ang cute naman ng mga characters...
    naadik din ako sa video games pero nung kapanahunan pa ng Ps1 at ps2...
    I love Resident Evil and Silent hill, at Final Fantasy kung RPG ang paguusapan.... kung Arcade naman i'll go for Twisted metal woohoo

  9. Hahahahhahah talagang may "sige manginggit ka pa"a statement pa eh... hehehehhehehhe...di na ako addict sa games... napagsawaan ko na rin siguro... hehehehehhehe

  10. Hey, I'm giving you an award. Come HERE to collect it! : )

  11. @LordCM:

    Hehe...sana nga isa akong ace atttorney para sikat ako sa Pinas. Pero isang pangarap lang yun.


    Thanks Mariel. I am OK now. Heto naglalaro naman ng Plants VS Zombies.


    Haha...yeah, stupid me, always staying late and then getting sick. I always do that everytime I am addicted to some things. One time I never slep at all just to finish the Harry Potter books.

    Twittercounter? That's interesting. If I have the time then I will install that on my blog.

    Yeah, I watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose. That is one great film. I love that movie.

    @Ate Faye: are not a gamer? Actually, I am not a hustler gamer, I am just addicted to games from time to time.


    Pareng Blue, and tagal na ng PS1 at PS2 ah. That was ages ago. Hmmm...subukan mo naman mag PSP. ^_^


    Haha...hindi naman ako nang-iinggit ano. :-P

    Talagang na-aadict lang ako sa game na ito kaya nai-share ko.

  12. Interesting game! Nakaka adik talaga minsan pag nagustuhan mo ang isang game at mapupuyat ka talaga. Ako naman e may sipon ngayun at masakit ang lalamunan.hayzzzzz

  13. Tsk! Tsk! Should not play computer games!!! Study! A top student from my school on government scholarship studying in the US got kicked out and the scholarship withdrawn as his scores were not good enough - he was addicted to PS and online games, did not study hard!

  14. @Anney:

    Tama ka. As in nakaka adik talaga. Kaya nga tinapos ko na yung game para wala na akong pagpuyatan pa. Unfortunately I discovered Plants VS Zombies. Haay!

    Uy, pagaling ka po ah. Nadale rin ako n'yan last week. Ang hirap sa pakiramdam. Hope you become well tomorrow


    Oh, that is too bad for him. He did not balanced studying and playing that's why he got kicked out.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I should balance everything in my life from now on.

  15. kala ko attorney ka talaga...gusto ko ng game na yan...san ba pwede kumuha nyan????

    plants vs. zombies???^_^ adik ako dyan dati hehe kaya aun tapos ko na siya agad...

  16. LOL! Hehe...di bagay sa akin maging abogado. ^_^

    Sa Internet pwede mo i-download 'yang game na 'yan.

    Wah! Ang bilis mo naman tapusin 'yun. Ako tatapusin ko pa lang.


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