Let's Go on a Vacation

Yesterday, I met a blogger friend who I just known through the blogosphere. He is a Malaysian blogger and he visited many places in the Asian Region. He said that he already visited Thailand and China. Now, he added the Philippines to his list of countries that he already visited.

He said that he experienced many things and enjoyed his visits to other countries. Visiting other countries is a good way to see the sights, feel the atmosphere and experience the local culture. I envy him for that. Visiting other countries is one of my dreams. I want to visit countries in Asia, America and, of course, Europe.

I really want to visit Europe. I want to see old Greek buildings in Athens. I want to see the Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City. I want to walk under the Arch of Triumph in France. I want to take photos of the remnants of the Berlin Wall in Germany. I want to see the fjords of Norway. I want to experience canal holidays in United Kingdom.

Going to a vacation in Europe will be a great experience for me. It is a continent that has great impact to the world. If will ever got a chance, I will definitely grab it so I could take a vacation on Europe.

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  1. let's go gusto kong sumama. yan ang pinakamasarap gawin pagkatapos magpakahirap sa work ng isang taon.

  2. Start small...come and visit Malaysia first. LOL!!!

  3. Ako din gusto makapagtavel sa Europe! Ganda dun!

  4. Nice meeting up with you, Ishmael! Thanks for bringing me to eat the balut and kwek kwek! And of course the yummy buffet!

    I would love to visit Europe too! It's also one of my dreams!

    But do come to Malaysia first. Visit the Asian countries first cos they are nearer and cheaper. Besides if you come to Malaysia, I will bring you around and the meals are on me : )

  5. huhu sorry guys... failed to meet up with you...
    promis babawi ako next time

  6. @Diamond:

    Tama ka d'yan. :-D

    Bakasyon para naman mawala ang stress sa katawan.

  7. @STP:

    Yeah. I guess that's better. Visit Malaysia and other Asian Coubtries first. :-D

  8. @Anney:

    Maganda talaga. Ang dami mong mapupuntahan. Parang large open air museums yung mga cities ng Europe.

  9. @Foong:

    I will make sure to drop by Malaysia and meet up with you and other Malysian bloggers there.

    It is nice meeting you.

  10. @Blue:

    There is always next time. ^_^

    Do you know that this July, Caroline is also coming here.

    There's your other chance this year.

  11. Sige. Sama ka, pero kanya kanyang pamasahe ah. :-P


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