Bringing Home the Bestseller Cake of Bakerite

My Beloved Wife Lei and I visited Bakerite to check their wedding cakes. Unfortunately, we were informed that Bakerite doesn’t deliver their cakes to the wedding venue. Hiring them to make our wedding cake means added headache for transporting the cake from Bakerite to our wedding reception venue.

In short, we didn’t book Bakerite for the wedding cake. What we got instead is their “bestseller”, the cake named as Decadence.

Decadence cake from Bakerite

I don’t know what’s decadent with this cake. Is it the pleasure in eating this cake? Is it the guilt (especially for those who are on a diet) in eating this pure sweetness? Who knows.

What I do know is that this cake is very sweet. I think that it is too sweet for me, and that’s coming from a person who places two tablespoons of sugar to his coffee.

A Bakerite staff told me that their Decadence is a yema cake. For the uninitiated, yema is a Filipino candy made from egg yolk, milk, and crushed peanuts.

Yummy cake from Bakerite

The yema served as the cakes coating. What’s inside is the yummy chocolate cake.

Bakerite Decadence cake tastes delicious but it is very sweet so this off limits to diabetics. At a price of 350 pesos, this cake can top cakes of the similar price from the popular Red Ribbon Bakeshop and Goldilocks.

More Information about Bakerite


Bakerite, established in 1946, is one of the old bakeries in the Quiapo District of Manila. Aside from cakes, they also sell baked goodies like breads, pastries, cookies, and even hot pandesal.

Bakerite cakes on display

Bakerite is not a simple bakery because it also doubles as a restaurant. Customers can buy and eat baked goodies inside the air-conditioned area in Bakerite.

Inside Bakerite shop

An Interesting Historical Tidbit about Bakerite

A friend of mine, named Resty, posted on Facebook  the reason why Filipinos call sliced pan bread “tasty”. The explanation came from Chito Reambonanza of Manila Nostalgia and I quote:
"It's because, when Bakerite Bakery (since 1946) in Hidalgo, Quiapo, started packing sliced pan Americano in transparent plastic bags in the late 1950s (with blue, red, yellow dots) and started distributing these to sari-sari stores through their trucks and/or peddlers, the plastic label had these bolded words: TASTY - NUTRITIOUS - DELICIOUS. From then on, instead of saying loaf bread or pan Americano, people started asking, 'May tasty kayo?' Then the rest is history."

This tidbit enlightened me and I will never see slice pan bread (tasty breads) the same again.

How to Reach Bakerite

Bakerite’s address is 923 R. Hidalgo St. Quiapo, Manila. It is just across the small estero and a few walk away from Quezon Boulevard. Refer to the map below for a better idea of Bakerite’s location.

Customers may also reach Bakerite through their Facebook page, or call telephone nos. (02) 523-1290 or (02) 710-5860

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  1. I wish I could try that. Looks really good.

    1. Please do. :-) It might be too sweet for you, though.

  2. You mean you just bought this cake for fun? Haha! Oh too sweet! I don't like if it's too sweet. So underneath all those green coating is actually a chocolate cake?

    1. Not just for fun. We wanted to know if Bakerite's cake is delicious.

    2. Try the best seller cake decadans 👌👍


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