Repair Your Car or Else

It is a usual scene in the streets of Metro Manila, a car suddenly broke down in the middle of a highway, causing major traffic jams. This is a great hassle for all of motorists and it is caused by the laziness of some car owners to always conduct maintenance check for their vehicles. Aside from major traffic jams, the laziness of car owners also causes accident. In the news, there is car that needs a brake job but the driver insisted on driving the car. The driver ended his life along Commonwealth Avenue, where the brakes malfunctioned causing him to hit an electric post.

Scenarios like these made the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) issued tighter regulations and higher fines for drivers that don’t do the customary vehicle maintenance check. According the MMDA, vehicles should be subjected to regular check-up, oil change, and other usual maintenance procedures. MMDA wants to lessen traffic jams and accidents by making sure that car owners will do the regular maintenance checks.

Drivers must always conduct regular maintenance for their vehicles. If something is broken, car owners should immediately repair those broken parts by hiring some mechanics or sending the car to car repair shops. Also, drivers can get car maintenance-related information from the Internet like the review of Acura TL from the Houston auto repair website. Website like this is helpful because drivers can get info about their vehicles.

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  1. Pasaway kasi ang mga drivers natin dito sa Maynila. Kahit anong rules and regulations are ibigay, hindi sinusunod. :|

  2. think about your life and your family. A good driver understand his car as if they are connected. a little problem could end your life and others if not addressed timely.It is up to the law enforcer how to prevent such negligence for the drivers to learn.

  3. @Frumpy Mom

    Tama po kayo diyan. Grabe kasi ang drivers natin. Parang nakikipagkarera lagi. At saka ayaw na ayaw malamangan o maunahan.

  4. @Diamond R:

    Agree. Driving a car is a privilege and also a big responsibility.

    When you own a vehicle, you must make sure that the engine is good, that breaks are good, that the wheels are inflated well...those things so as to keep you and your family safe.

  5. I've an old car but I send it for servicing and repairs regularly to make sure it is in good shape.

  6. @STP:

    That's good STP. Iwish that all drivers follow what you are doing. ^_^

  7. naku.. kaya naman ayokong gumagala dahil sa nakakainis na traffic na yan...palagay ko naman eh hindi lang sa mga Traffic enforcers natin dapat isisi ang napakahabang traffic....
    Tayo rin ang responsable dun... kung may disiplina... eh malamang wala tayong ganitong problema

  8. I hate traffic. It eats a lot time.

  9. @Blue:

    Tama ka. Kapag may disiplina eh di may asenso.

    Dapat matuto ang mga drivers ng disiplina sa kalsada.

  10. @Raffy:

    Yeah. I hate traffic too..and it bores me so I try to daydream so as to take my mind off the traffic.

  11. No money to buy new car, what to do? Hehehehehe!!!

  12. Haha...yeah, I don't have money to buy car, but the truth isIdon't to buy acar.

    I will just buy one if I already have my own driver.


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