Jellyfishing in Manila Ocean Park

...well sort of.

In my last post, I wrote about our visit in Manila Ocean Park’s Oceanarium. After visiting the Oceanarium, our next stop is...

...the jellyfish aquarium.

The jellyfish aquarium is not that big as compared to the Oceanarium. When we were there, the construction inside the jellyfish aquarium is not yet done. The room is bare and some tanks are yet to be placed. However, there are already jellyfishes inside the jellyfish aquarium.

Inside the room, there are lots of aquarium placed at the wall that contains, of course, jellyfishes!
White jellyfishes.

The lighting in the aquarium changes so after some moments the white jellyfishes “transformed” into...
Pink jellyfishes.

After that, you will enter this room:

Nope! Those are not the big tubes that are shown from sci-fi movies containing clones. Those are jellyfish tanks. Well, I am somewhat hoping that there indeed “clones” inside of those tubes.

Well, that’s it! A short trip inside the Jellyfish Aquarium. The area is small and I think that it is better that they did not separate it with the Oceanarium.

Well, at least my beloved had fun posing with the jellyfish. :-)


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  1. This is one of the Ocean Parks' attractions that i really really like to see... aside from the Aquanauts and Fish Spa...
    Are you going to post the Musical Show too??

  2. Nice jellyfishes!!

    I hope there are alien clones inside the tanks!! Haha!

  3. As long as they stay in the tanks... Hurts so bad when they sting!

  4. Aiyor...can't see your beloved lah! So dark the photo... :(

  5. @Bluedreamer:

    I also like the jellyfishes in Manila Ocean Park.

    Oh! Sorry! We don't have the time to see the Musical Fountain Show, so I won't be able to post something about that here.

  6. @FoongPC:

    Alien clones? Haha...that would be a great attraction. :-D

    Many people will line up just to see those clones.

  7. @Suitapui:

    Haha...yah! Jellyfish stings really hurt. I haven't experience being stung by them so I have no idea.

    But I know of jellyfish things that kill. Portuguese-man-o-war is a jellyfish that can kill

    Sorry. The photo is too dark. My beloved is also shy type, so she don't want to show her face on my blog.

  8. jeaaallooouuussss! i wanna see those jellyfish too! ^_^ magkano entrance? libre naman dian.. haha joke! :p

  9. Haha...libre ka jan. :-P

    Mga 500 pesos pwede ka nang bumisita sa Oceanarium, Jellyfish at Marine Life Shows.

  10. I have read a story about a jellyfish attack in reder's digest, well sa dagat naman kasi yun and i know that the jellyfishes here are good ones. Natutuwa ako sa kanila kasi ang daming misteryo sa buhay ng mga isda lalo na ang mlalalim na parte ng dagat!, sana bago ako mamatay eh may makadiscover na ng sikreto ng lalim ng karagatan at ng sirena! ahahaha.

  11. Wahaha! I am not sure. Maybe even if you travel the deepest part of the ocean, you will never see a sirena. :-)

  12. makapunta nga diyan ng makita ko,hehe..dami niyan dito sa may amin na dagat..

  13. Ganun ba? Buti hindi ka pa natitibo ng mga dikya d'yan sa inyo.

  14. @Kash:

    ^_^ Bumisita ka uli sa Manila Ocean Park Kash para makita mo sila.


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