I am Back to See Ninoy Aquino

Well, I came back yesterday to Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife. If you can remember my old post about Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife, then I hope you can remember this statue:

Yeah, that is the bust of Ninoy Aquino, who is the father of the current president of the Philippines. It seems like Ninoy Aquino is still smiling when he saw me. :-P

Why did I return to Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife? Is it to see Ninoy Aquino there again? Did I go there to enjoy the scenery inside Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife?

Well, no. I just came back there to enjoy their CR and answer the call of Mother Nature. :-P

I had a bad morning yesterday when the bus I am riding going to work broke down and forced all commuters to transfer to other buses and cursed the bus conductor and driver for the inconvenience.

Oh, well, that morning is not that bad because I was able to take this picture:

And also this photo:

These are the photos that I failed to capture when I last visited Ninoy Aquino's Parks and Wildlife. This is the real front gate of the park. However, I failed to take a shot of the smiling Ninoy Aquino.

For those who don't know, Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife is the place where people take wild animals caught around Metro Manila. Captured pythons, birds, and other animals in the Metro are sent here for proper care and release to their habitats. The park was named in honor of Ninoy Aquino, who died during the Martial Law Years. Ninoy Aquino is the bitterest rival of Ferdinad Marcos during that time.
Drizzle inside Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife

Ninoy Aquino Park's and Wildlife is also a great place to jog every morning and I saw some joggers yesterday morning. No! I did not jog. I am too lazy for that. :-P


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  1. yehey, first to comment. Hindi ko makakalimutan tong place na to kasi lagi tong pinagshoshootingan!ahahahahahaha. Pumunta kami dito nung HS Fieldtrip namin, ayun dito kami naglunch.

    Maganda ba tlaga ang CR services nila jan?kaya pala, hindi ko kasi alam, now i know!ahahahahaha :)

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Oh no!! I thought I can be first to comment here!! Oh well : )

  3. Hey I didn't go to this park when I was in Manila! OK, at least I can read about it here : )

  4. Haha! Ninoy sure is smiling at you : D

    Oh! So this is the place where wild animals are sent here for proper care. Nice. Do they have wild pandas too? I dun think so ; )

  5. Oh!! Sorry about the bus break down! Luckily I did not experience any such thing during my trip there or else I would curse too! LOL!!

    I can imagine the bus breaking down in the middle of a traffic jam. OMG! I will surely scream! : )

  6. You mean the bus broke down near this park and that's why you could visit the park and take pictures? Looks like it's a blessing in disguise yeah? : )

  7. Why are you so lazy to jog? If I stay near that park, I will surely go jogging there not everyday, but at least 2-3 times a week! haha!

    But you are slim enough, I guess no need to jog : )

  8. @Steve:

    Congrats at nanguna ka. :-P

    Tambay ka pala dito eh. Hehe!

    Hmmmm...di naman ah. Tyempo lang na puno na ang pantog ko at tyempo na malapit ako sa kanila.

    Ayokong tumalikod sa pader eh at nakakahiya.

  9. @Foong:

    No, we did not go here because it is quite far away from your place. It is on Quezon City.

    Wahaha...sorry. No pandas. They only have the local wild animals heres that were saved from poachers and animal traders.

    Yes it is a blessing in disguise because I was able to answer the call of Mother Nature here. :-P

    :-) Like what I told you last time, I am a lazy person and I prefer blog hopping than physical hopping.

    Thanks for the visit Foong.

  10. @Blue:

    Gumala ka kasi dito kahit one time lang. :-P

  11. Have not been to PHil..those days about to go just too bad it was under some martial law I think and the plans was shelved.

  12. @Bananaz: When was this that you planned to go here? The last Martial Law is 20 years plus ago.

  13. Di ko masyadong sure kong sa Quezon City ba ito. di man naging maganda ang dahilan kung bakit ka napunta diyan pero tingnan mo naman mukhang maganda ang park na yan.

  14. Sa Quezon City nga po itong park na ito.

    Oo nga po eh. At least may good effect din yung pagkasira ng bus.

  15. Hope the son will do a lot of good for the country...like his parents.

  16. @STP:

    Too bad, the son is doing terrible things. :-(

  17. nice park it seem! is it something like a zoo? at here we have this Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, with many animals and botanical garden too! :D

  18. It is more than a zoo. It is a place were wild animals that were rescued are kept safe before they were returned to the wild.

    Thanks for the visit Caroline.


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