Hooray for Weekend Break!

Finally, today is Friday! It only means that today is the last day of work for this week and I can now look forward for a restful weekend break.

I did many things this week and most of them are stressful work related activities. Compound that with the fact that I had to get into heavy traffic when I to work every morning and also, when I go back home in the evenings. My body feels the stress that my upper back aches because of this. Another thing is the fact that I usually sleep late. I usually sleep around eleven o’clock PM to twelve midnight. Sometimes I am still awake even beyond midnight. My waking time is always four forty-five in the early morning, which means that I have barely enough sleep.

This is why my feeling gets heavier as the days pass by. I can’t relieve the feeling because I can’t sleep in the afternoon because of hectic schedules and heavy workloads.

That is why I keep on looking forward to weekend breaks. Weekend break allows me to stay idle and de-stress me. During the weekends, I usually stay at, do some chores and do whatever I want to do. Weekend breaks the day to day monotony of my life.

Ah! Thank God it’s Friday!

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  1. haha! not yay for me cz tomorrow i have to work!

    Do enjoy ur friday n have a great weekend yea! :D

  2. Thanks Caroline. :-D Hope you enjoy your Friday too.

  3. Ooh! I'm not first here too! Caroline beats me to it!

  4. Oh yes, don't you just love the weekend break? After all the stress at work for the whole week, you really deserve the break and get your much needed sleep!! Happy weekend to you, my friend! : )

  5. Weekday, weekend...all the same for me - have a lot of marking to do. Mark the students' essays.... Sobs!

  6. @Foong:

    Thank you. And also thanks for the visit.

  7. @STP:

    That is sad for you :-(

    Seems like you have too many essay to read.


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