Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Sana Last na Nga!

Yesterday, me and my beloved watched the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movie “Ang Tanging Ina Mo.”

Ang Tanging Ina is led by the comedian Aiai de las Alas. Other artistas in this movie are Eugene Domingo (of the super funny Kimmy Dora), Marvin Agustin, Shaina Magdayao, Nikki Valdez and many more popular and not so popular artistas in the Philippine Showbiz. The movie is directed by Wenn de Ramas.

Ang Tanging Ina is sort of a continuation of “Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat,” which was shown in 2008.

In Ang Tanging Ina, Ina Montecilio (Aiai de las Alas) thought that she had a head tumor after she was x-rayed after an accident in the first scene of the movie. Ina was afraid to tell her sons and daughters of her illness and did comical and dramatic scenes just to hide her illness to them. In the end, it was discovered that Ina doesn’t have tumor at all and she will not die (which means that there is a possibility of another Tanging Ina movie in the future).

Tanging Ina Mo, as far as I could see, has no problem in its comedy aspect. Being MMFF 2010’s top grossing movie, I guess that Aiai de las Alas caught the tickle-bones of Filipino moviegoers. I heard people inside the theater laugh out loud with Aiai de las Alas and Eugene Domingo’s antics. But my question is, since Ang Tanging Ina Mo was packaged in its TV ads as a funny movie, then why didn’t just make Ang Tanging Ina a funny movie all the way?

The truth is I am confused. Is Ang Tanging Ina a comedy or a drama film? If it is comedy, then why is the large portion of the movie full of dramatics? I am anticipating a funny movie but all I see are characters crying, which destroys my mood to have some fun in the movie.

Another thing is that this movie depends heavily upon Aiai  de las Alas and Eugene to deliver the funny scenes. They don’t have enough comedians to give more variety to the comedy that is in this movie. Having Marvin Agustin, Shaina Magdayao and all other drama actors and actresses do not help in making the movie as funny as it could be.

That’s my complaint with Ang Tanging Ina Mo. If Star Cinema will produce another sequel of this movie in the future, I hope that they focus more in the comedy and not on the dramatics. Moviegoers go to watch the Ang Tanging Ina movies to laugh and not to cry.


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  1. hindi ka naman galit nian? :)) sabi kasi di ba last movie na yan kaya siguro puro iyakan na sila. lol. pero sayang.... i used to love it ever since the first movie... super funny talaga... or baka dahil mababaw lang ako? :p

  2. Hindi ka naman mababaw. Demanding lang ako masyado. :-P

  3. hay ako din napaka critic ko pagdating sa movie at tv shows... naiinis talaga ako kapag hindi nito na meet yung expectation ko hehe
    viewer lang naman tayo and they can't blame us for wanting and expecting more of them hehe
    anyway di ko pa napapanuod ang tanging ina...

  4. Viewer nga lang tayo pero may karapatan tayong mag-comment kasi tayo yung nanood ng pelikula nila at naglabas ng pera for the tiket.

  5. oo nga naman malay ko bang may iyakan sa pelikulang yan.sigi supurtahan kita sa complain mo.
    happy new year.

  6. Haha...thanks sa support sir! ^_^

    Sana ok lang ang New Year n'yo.


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