A Look at Bakers' Fair's Wedding Cakes

I previously mentioned about our visit to Red Ribbon Bakeshop and Goldilocks to check their wedding cakes. We couldn't decide if we'll be ordering from them since My Beloved Wife Lei wanted true cake for all layers instead of Styrofoam.

So, we decided to check other bakeries to see if we could get a better deal. One of the bakeries that we visited is Bakers' Fair located along Ongpin Street in Binondo Chinatown.

Bakers' Fair is famous for their diced hopia and other baked goodies. This bakery, established in 1965, is one of the oldest bakery chains in Manila.

Only few people know that Bakers' Fair also sells cakes for special occasions. In fact, I will never know that they offer wedding cakes if not for their window display.

Wedding cake by Bakers' Fair

The staff of Bakers’ Fair along Ongpin Street is quite nice and assisted us in our search. They even allowed us to freely browse their computer that contains the list of Bakers’ Fair wedding cakes.

I think that Bakers’ Fair wedding cakes are at the level of Goldilocks wedding cakes. What’s better is that Bakers’ Fair wedding cakes are much cheaper. If I remember it right, the wedding cakes are at half the price of Goldilocks wedding cakes.

Bakers’ Fair wedding cakes are better compared to the cakes of Salazar Bakery, which is another bakeshop located along Ongpin Street.

Bakers’ Fair offers fondant cake and cakes that don’t have Styrofoam filling. They have good cake designs so I urge soon-to-be-wed couples to visit this bakeshop. Maybe this is where you’ll find your dream wedding cake.

We were told that Bakers’ Fair deliver the wedding cake to the reception venue. The delivery fee depends on the location of the wedding venue. Wedding cakes should be ordered at least one week prior to the wedding day.

We didn’t order a wedding cake from Bakers’ Fair but I can see (or sense) that their wedding cakes tastes good. What we ordered, though, is their Pianono Roll...

Pianono roll from Bakers' Fair

...that really tasted good. Yum!


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  1. That's a lovely cake. There is always that special beauty in simplicity! Hmmm...wish I could taste that roll.

    1. I will bring you one (or more) Pianono roll if I ever got the chance to visit Malaysia. (I know that day will come). :-)


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