Nurses Look Good in White

The whole Philippines are flooded with nurses. The reason for this is that nurses are in-demand (in the previous years) abroad. So, many high school students opted to study nursing and be hired abroad in the future. The whole country is flooded with nurses and Manila is flooded in white uniforms of nurses and nursing students. There are many nurses that I see. There are scrub nurses, travel nurse, nurse midwife and many other kinds of nurses.

What I like about nurses is their uniforms. The nursing uniform is good to look at, especially, because of its whiteness. It as if to show that nurses are immaculately white and clean, so as to assure the patients that the person helping them in being cured from their diseases is free from dirt and germs.

Last week, I saw a scrub nurse going to the hospital. She is not wearing the usual white uniform, but the green scrubs. Well, the green scrub uniform is nice too, and I bet it will be good also if it is in other hue like blue or maroon.

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  1. When I was still studying we used scrubs in peach (the color of our institute).

    I also believe nurses look good on white. I remember every time I walked to school or hospital during day time, the sun made my uniform brighter and whiter and I always felt like I was an angel. Haha

    Out of topic: What advertising site do you write for? I'm interested. :)

  2. Naks! Really looked like an angel ah. All you need are wings. ^_^

    I am writing for many sites. This ine is from blogsvertise.

  3. just love being a nurse!! tnx po!! -maan

  4. If they go and work in places like Dubai, they make lots of money!!! Too bad they do not want English teachers there... Sobs!

  5. @STP:

    You are correct! You know what, three of my high school classmates are working as nurses in Middle East and I bet that they are earning much more than I do.

    Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

  6. Minsan parang gusto kong maging nurse para makapag sout ng puti hehe.

  7. @Raffy:

    Haha! Pwede ka naman magsuot ng puti kahit hindi ka nurse. :-P

  8. we are angels in a sick room. :-)
    bumababa sa lupa para alagaan ang may sakit at nangangailangan.

  9. @Megumi: Buti na lang at may mga angels sa lupa. ^_^


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