The Not Great but Not Bad Coffee Shop

When I was still aboard a ship, the captain decided to anchor for a while in the vicinity of Limay in Bataan. We went ashore to resupply and for the crew to have some "good time" or in other words to find some place to drink ice-cold beer.

Since some of us didn't want to drink, we decided to look for some place to eat lunch. Along the provincial highway, we found this coffee shop:
Meksi Coffee, Limay, Bataan

We went inside Meksi Coffee, which is the place recommended by the beer store owner. Meksi Coffee is near a major bank and just a ride away from Lamao, which is the major port for the town of Limay.

We are sated with food from the galley, so we decided to order dishes that are not usually prepared by the ship's chef. I decided to order some grilled pork or a pork dish (which I can't remember by now). We are hungry but the service is quite slow. I noticed that many people frequent this coffee shop and some of them can't get in because there is no more space available for them. Other guests could have a seats if the service was faster. The problem is that the coffee shop only has two waiters that also acted as the shop's cashier and janitor. I think that the shop also have one cook that's why the food was cooked and prepared slowly.
Inside Meksi Coffee shop

One of my friends is losing his patience while we are waiting for the food. Thank God that the food came before he lose his temper.

This what I got:
Meksi Coffee's grilled pork and kangkong adobo
Grilled pork, adobong kangkong and rice.

Well, the food is not bad but it is not great either. It was just ok but the price of around 100 plus pesos (iced tea included) is expensive. I think I could buy this dish from other shops for a lower price. I might go to other restaurant when I got the chance to return to Limay.

Meksi Coffee needs improvement to cope up with the demands of its customers. The number of crews should be increased and the service should be made faster. Also, they should have a full-time janitor so to keep their comfort room clean. Their comfort room did not pass my standards in cleanliness. It would be ok if their shop is just an eatery, but their shop is a coffee shop and a coffee shop must have a clean comfort room.

The place of Meksi Coffee is already great because motorists passing through the highway usually stop by the place to have lunch or just rest after a long drive. The owner must improve the place to make the experience of dining at Meksi Coffee better.


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  1. gusto ko ung adobong kang kong... sarap yan lalo na kapag pritong isda ang kapartner

  2. Haha! Nice na combination yan. :-D

    Ako, gusto ko rin ng kangkong tapos may pritong isda.

  3. Hmmm, grilled pork. You are making me hungry. LOL!

  4. Yeah they should have more workers to cope with the demand. Luckily your friend did not explode! : D

  5. @Foong:

    We had eaten too much pork last Sunday, aren't you sated with pork? :-P

  6. Aw! naku baka nakapagwalk out na ako bago pa maserve ang order... ahahahahhahah... ako na ang may attitude! lol... hehehhehe.. Ikaw na ang laglalayag... lol

  7. The food looks quite miserable...especially the kangkong - so little and does not look nice even.

  8. @Xprosaic:

    Wehehe...ikaw na nga ang may attitude. ^_^

    Pero dahil pasensyoso kami ay na-take naman namin maghintay.

  9. @STP:

    Yeah, the food is not that presentable but the taste is just OK but not great enough for to motivate me to return to their coffee shop.

  10. grilled pork looks yum! hungry edi!!

  11. Oh! The dish made you hungry? Go eat lunch. :-D


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