A Second Home in UK

The Buckingham Palace, the Stone Henge, the mysterious ley lines, Camelot, the town of Greenwich and even the falling bridge of London, these are just of the things that I want to see when I go to United Kingdom or UK. United Kingdom is the center of the British Empire. The empire, during its golden era, controls India (including Pakistan), North America, landholdings in China (Hongkong), Australia, New Zealand and colonies in Africa. Because of this, United Kingdom was enriched, not just economically, but also culturally by its colonies. Because of this, I guess it will be not bad to have second homes in United Kingdom.

If the fate allows, then I will go to the countryside of United Kingdom to look for a house and lot. Then I will use my second home as my home base for my travel around United Kingdom. From my home in UK, I will visit Scotland, Ireland, England and other component kingdoms of United Kingdom. Then, if I visited all tourist spots in United Kingdom, then I will go to mainland Europe and visit France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Getting a second home in United Kingdom would be fine for me. My only hope that the future will permit me to have it.

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  1. Sama ako. gusto ko rin makapunta ng UK.

  2. Sushyal naman... sa UK oh.... hehehehehehe

  3. I was in the UK for 3 months in 1994, never gone back since. Loved the place...especially the south - I was in Plymouth. Certainly hope to go back there one day...

  4. @STP:

    Wow! You already visited their? I envy you. :-)

    If you are going back, please, take me with you.


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