“Pangontra” for Babies

Last night, while browsing the statistics for this blog (courtesy of Blogpatrol), I happen to notice an odd search engine keyword that was used to reach my blog. Amidst the keywords as “operation valkyrie” and “laiya aplaya” that are used in reaching my site I saw this keyword:

“Where can I buy pangontra for babies in Binondo”

The answer for that is: plenty and vendors beside Quiapo will be happy to sell some. However, I am not here to dispense advices for those who are looking for “pangontra for babies.”

What is this person thinking? Is he/she planning an unforgivable act of murdering a fetus? Or planning to find some method so as to prevent pregnancy?

Whatever it is, I do not like it.

I am appealing to the person who typed this keywords. Please do not succumb to aborting an unwanted fetus (if that what that person intends to do). If you are a man, then stand-up and be a responsible person and be a father to this baby. If you are a woman, then please don’t kill that fetus, your own flesh and blood.

Aborting the fetus, whatever the circumstances are plain murder. The fetus is already a living person and already has a soul and, as such, is subjected to the same right rights and privileges experienced by people outside the womb.

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  1. tsk tsk.. the innocents are the ones who suffer the most.. hopefully the woman won't do the unforgivable act...

    1. sana nga claire, sana nga. May the Lord enlightened their hearts so that they may see that a baby is a gift and a blessing from God, our Father.

  2. I think yung pangontra na sinasabi nya is yung red cloth na square na naipi-pin sa baby? Pangontra sa masasamang espiritu, or whatever they call it.

    But if abortion nga talaga yan, I'm passionately against that. I've seen documentaries and I couldn't help but tear. Viable babies (>20 weeks old) were like unwanted clothes thrown inside the drum. Lots of them. I even saw the suctioning procedure for fetuses less than 2 months old. Devastating.

    1. Ha? 'yun ba ,yun Tin? Come to think of it, yeah! There's a possiblity. Well kung 'yun ang hinahanap niya talaga ay may maia-advice ako sa kanya. Pero kung abortion 'yun e 'di...ah 'wag sana.


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