Buying Fruits at Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand

In the previous posts, I talked about yummy treats made from durian fruits. If you are wondering where did I bought all of those treats then wonder no more because I will tell you where I got the yema tower, durian tart, durian candy and durian polvoron.

If you visited Davao City, then more often than not, you had visited the Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand that is located beside the Ramon Magsaysay Park.
Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Store
Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Store

Davao City is famous for its fruits like durian, pomelo and lanzones. When we visited Davao three years ago, we are fortunate because we are just in time for the late fruit season. We ate tons of durian, pomelo and lanzones for just a low price. During the fruit season, Davao is flooded with fruits. My favorite is lanzones, which I never stopped gobbling.

Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand is the place to go to if you are looking for a place to buy fruits and yummy pasalubong in Davao. I suggest that you visit the Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand if you are about to leave Davao so that you will not be burdened with heavy loads of fruits while you are touring Davao.
durians shop
Durian fruits and pomelo for sale.

It is quite convenient to buy durian fruit at Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand because they will give you the option to pack durian in a Styrofoam container or in plastic container. You need to pack fresh durian fruit because airport officials will not allow you to bring durian on the plane because of its smell. Fresh durian fruits should be packed and sealed. So, if you are at Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand buying durian fruits then you  can ask the fruit vendor to pack and seal it. There is an additional fee for the packing of durian fruit because you will pay for the container used.
Durians sweets

Aside from fruits, you can also buy pasalubong items at Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand. You can buy sweets like the one had listed above. There are other things that I failed to mention but if you are looking for food pasalubongs then I believe that you will see them at Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand.


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  1. galing. parang nakapunta na ako diyan di ko lang alam ang pangalan.Ramon Magsaysay Fruit Stand pala.

  2. No durians here, not in season. They've just started flowering at some places though.

  3. I wouldn't mind sitting in a plane with smell of durians! Haha!! And if they serve durians desserts on board, all the better! LOL!

  4. tatandaan ko yan! Kasi baka mapunta kami ng davao kundi next year e next next year. hehehe!

  5. Caroline

    :-D I know that you really love durian.


    Oo nga. Now you know. ^_^


    Maybe the durians in your place will start to ripen come the "ber" months.


    I never experienced riding a plane that offers durian as part of food choices.


    Di bale, makakarating din kayo sa Davao Ate Anney. Hindi naman nauubos ang next year eh. :-P

  6. helo to all... bka my kilala kayo pomelo buyer... ung pakyawan sana 400k price nmin and till nov 2011 ang harvest.. sept 15 2011 ung mauuna... JUST txt me. 09075912293... our farm is located at north cotabato.tnx


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