I’ve Got to Thank a Good Friend for This

Blogging is such a rewarding activity for me. Even though I don’t get much money from blogging, I am rich when it comes to the great people I met online. And one of them is Mariel who is one of my first blogger friends.

Thank you Mariel for this award:
My Favorite Blog

I am glad that she likes what I write here. ^_^

So to keep the ball rolling, I would like to show to all of you some of my favorite blogs/bloggers:

Mariel – she may not update her blog most of the time but I always like reading her posts or just looking at the many pictures that she post. This girl likes to travel and her stories give some idea what place to visit next.

Suitapui – I make sure to drop by his blog regularly and drop some comments. I like to read the delectable foods that he posts. It is a kind of a cultural exposure for me. Also, he is one of the nicest fellow I met in the blogging world.

Tine – she is the most “makulit” friend that I have on Twitter. She is one busy student and only updates her blog when her free time permits. But still, I like to read her “makulit” posts.

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  1. Thank you so much for this, Ish. I'm glad you like my posts even if they're mostly random photos. lol.. I wish you all the best in your blogging career. :)

  2. wahahaha ako una! :p

    i wasn't expecting this. i'm still wondering why i have read my name there with my URL. haha astig! :)))

    gaya ng sabi ko sayo kanina... iniisip ko nga rin gumawa ng post about you... or like my twitter friends... kaso baka sabihin mo naman ginaya kita. haha HINDI KAYA. :p ako unang nakaisip nun. pusta pa eh? :))))

    thanks issssssssshhhhhhh! wait for my next next post about you... and YOU alone. haha nakksss!

    paid post un ah? lol

  3. oh... i forgot to comment about the picture. man, is that your handwriting? if it is... darrrrnn! it looks more neat than mine. lol. at mas mukang pambabae.

  4. @Mariel:

    Thank you very much. ^_^ Yeah. I like your posts. That's why I keep on coming back. Though minsan medyo girly topic mo at di akomaka-relate. But it is good kasi at least I learn something about those things.


    Nope. That is the handwriting of Mariel. Parang dinaanan ng Ondoy yung handwriting ko. I prefer speed over readability when it comes to writing. Kaya nga I prefer typing my pieces instead of writing them down.

    Haha! Defensive agad yung bata. Hindi kita sasabihan ng GAYA-GAYA! Copycat siguro para mas cute. :-P

  5. Anong paid post Tine? :-P

    Wala akong pero. Di ba nga sabi ko sa first sentences sa post na ito eh I don't get income from blogging.

  6. Girly ba? I didn't know that. lol.. Thanks for letting me know. :)

    This is for Tine. Salamat sa compliment sa handwriting ko. I appreciate it. :D

  7. Haha...yeah. Girly minsan. The last time you talked about perm at totally blank ako dun. ^_^

  8. Ooooooo....thank you, thank you so much, Ishmael, for the special mention. I sure am glad that you like my blog - do keep dropping by. I always look forward to seeing you around and to your comments. I like your blog too!

  9. P.S. I don't blog for money, not a single cent - I just enjoy doing it and I'm happy there are people like you who enjoy dropping by to see what I have posted for the day, thanks.

    P.P.S. Yes, your handwriting is so very nice, like something printed.

  10. HI! thnks for dropping by!
    i seldom do bloghopping and i don't update my blogs as often as before because i am now having a parttime job and in my free time i study the dutch basis business calculation and planning to take the exams next month.
    nice to have you as one of my visitors!
    keep writing!

  11. wow congratulations to all the awardee
    by the way ish thanks for reminding me about my comment moderation...

    nakakinis kasi yung mga anonymous commenter eh haha

    have a great day and happy blogging

  12. Yay congrats sa award and my shout out also to Mariel ^_^

  13. @Suitapui:

    No my friend. It is not my handwriting. It is Mariel's handwriting. My handwriting is chaotic. Many people had a hard time reading my handwriting. ^_^

    You are very much welcome. I have learned so many things from your blog. That is the reason why I keep on coming back.


    I read about that in your blog. I hope you are doing fine in your part-time job. Also, God bless to your exam.


    You are welcome. Well, I just noticed it. I guess that the previous commenting system is better because it allows interactivity between your readers even if you have to reply to them yet.


    Hello parekoy.

  14. good thing happening into a person's life is the result of the good things he did,
    you deserved it dude

  15. well i'm not really surprise for you to receive recognition such as that

  16. Congrats sa award! Through blogging e nakaka meet tayo ng mga new friends online.

  17. Cool! I agree. Blogging is a rewarding activity. It will always be^^

  18. @Poorprince:

    Thanks my friend. Well, sa tagal ko na sa blogging ay marami na talaga akong katoto dito. Tapos nadagdag ka pa. ^_^

    Thank you sa palaging pagbisita.


    Tama ka. Buti at may blog ako at nagkaroon ako ng chance to meet you.


    Correct. ^_^

    Heya, thanks for visiting.


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