Finally, I am Back!

Finally, after four days of intensive work in mapping the middle of Manila Bay, I am back online.

It seems that I missed a lot of things during those four days. My e-mail inbox is full of unread messages and my Facebook account is filled with new notifications. Checking my Google Reader showed me that I have a lot of new blog posts to read. I also discovered that SocialSpark approved my latest paid post for payment within 30 days.

You are right my blogger friends. After a string of unfortunate events, I am now rained by good things.

Since Saturday, we started working to map part of Manila Bay. I am thankful to the Lord that He gave us fair weather during those four days. I am also thankful that I accomplished many things and no untoward incidents occurred.

So, my dear blogger friends, I am sorry if I failed to blog hop these past days. I will catch up on all of you now that I am back in action.

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  1. Congratulations Ish.

    Napansin mo ba?prang kramihan sa bloggers ngayon nasa pahinga mode(including me sometimes ) ahahahaah.

    God is really good to us!:)

  2. Pansin ko nga rin yan Steve.

    Buti pa kayo. Pahinga mode.

    Ako stressed out mode pa rin.

  3. Probably busy mode lang ang lahat dahil mid-year at wala masyadong happenings kaya nasa work mode lahat...lolz

  4. Welcome back!! I was wondering why you went MIA!! Haha

  5. @Xprosaic:

    Malamang bro. Lahat tayo eh tinabakan ng mga bodd natin ng trabaho. Ako nga eh napaikli lang ng time para mag-net. Grabe, Pati lunch break ko eh work mode pa din.


    Thanks Foong. ^_^ It is good to be back.

  6. Ya...glad you're ok. Good to see you back. I haven't seen Milton around either - must be busy too. Hop over anytime you can - always happy to see you.

  7. Thanks my friend. I am glad that I am resting this Saturday. I still have take-home work. But the good thing is that I am home.

    I guess that he is super-busy too. I haven't saw him here too.


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