There are Those Days...

There are times in our lives when it seems that the heavens are conspiring against you. Those are the times when unfortunate events befall you like the way dominoes fall one after the other. Well, I guess that this week is a week of bad luck for me. Since Monday, a string of bad events occurred. 

The worst event is Wednesday when my LG KU380 fell to the sea. I got the phone back (courtesy of the kids who dived for it in Manila Bay) but it conked out. I had it cleaned by a technician, but still it didn’t work. I have doubts if my phone will be functional again.

I could have left the phone under the sea but I didn’t. It has a sentimental value for me since it is my gift to myself after I received my first year-end bonus. I felt so bad Wednesday night that I thought that I was the most stupid person in the world.

Add that event to the stress and tension I felt for my current mapping project of the Manila Bay, plus the other bad events (which I will not say here so as not to burden you my dear readers), and I can say that I have a hell of a week.

Experiencing unfortunate events is not a problem for me because I know that those events are part of our lives. However, if those events occurred in a short amount of time then it not farfetched to say that the spirit of a bad fortune had me as its target. 


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  1. Cheer up, Ish! I'm sure everything will be fine. :)

  2. After the storm, the sun will come shining through. Cheer up! Be strong, be happy... I also took my hp swimming once - forgot it was in my pocket. Managed to get it working again...but after a while, it got stolen! Some things are just not meant to be...

  3. awww... i certainly hope your phone could still be repaired.. true, there are those times that bad luck or events occur almost consistently in just one day.. hope everything will be alright with you soon..

  4. @Mariel:

    I hope so Mariel. But I am quite nervous as of now because next week, I will go again to Manila Bay for our project.


    I know what you mean...sheesh...I hope the sun will come very early.


    I hope so Ate Claire. I will know the verdict later when I visit the technincian.

    Thanks ate.

  5. oh sorry to hearing about ur hone...i believe maayos p un...

  6. awww...sorry at ngyari sayo yan at sa sunod sunod na bad events. Wag ka magalala may kapalit ang lahat. Diba nga may kasabihan there's a rainbow always after the rain.

  7. yikes... i think we both been to a series of unfortunate events my friend
    so how's your phone na? is it working still?
    everything will be fine again soon

  8. Aww, I feel terribly sorry for your cellphone parekoy >_<

    Pero, naniniwala pa rin akong walang "lucky" or "unlucky" day. It's just things happens for a reason.

    Cheer up!

  9. Aww... malas naman... yaan mo na isa lang ibig sabihin niyan... suswertehin ka ulit! lolz... at yung fone mo gusto na raw magretire at due na for replacement... hehehehehehhe...

  10. @Jag:

    Wala na. Sabi ng tecnician sa SM eh nadali na yung board (kung ano man 'yun). Wala na daw remedyo.

  11. @Anney:

    Tama ka d'yan. I believe it is the best way to test my faith and to be more dependent on the Lord.

  12. @Bluedreamer:

    Wala na Blue. It is already dead. Kaya 'yun. Bumili na lang ako ng bagong phone. 'Yung mura na lang.

  13. @Fiel-kun:

    Tama ka d'yan parekoy. For the lack of term at superstition kaya nagkaroon ng bad at good lucks.

    Yup, that event happened for a reason. To teach me about being careful.

  14. @Xprosaic:

    Haay...mukhang...may tama ka!!! ^_^

    Kaya ayun, may replacement na agad ako. Bumili ako ng phone from Cherry Mobile.

  15. errrrr! that sucks... nakakainis pa naman ung ganon na pinaghirapan mo tas sa isang iglap, mawawala na lang. but hey... you just have to think positive. malay mo ung kapalit pala nun eh mas magandang gift sa sarili mo sa sahod mo.. di ba? :)

    thanks for always visiting my site. i appreciate your presence around my comments page. :))

  16. Maganda yang naisip mo Tine. Sana nga. ^_^ I am looking forward for that.

    You are welcome. Gusto ko naman basahin yung blog mo eh

  17. are you ok now? i hope so.
    life is sometimes cruel. events may happen in one time that we sometimes do not know what to do but life must go on.hhehehe!
    hope you will have a good week.

  18. Thanks Ate Faye. I think I am ok now. Andami lang trabaho at minsan ay minamalas pa.

    Hope that you also have fine weekend.

  19. aww. kuya. ang phone. i hate sudden events like that. lalo na yan super sentimental value knowing that you worked hard to buy that phone. :(

    so how was it na? you have new phone na? pero sayang pa din. :(


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