My First Week in Thailand

It is sad to live alone in a foreign country. However, my stay here in Thailand is not only gloom and doom. I believe that opportunities are present in every situation, even in the situation that I am in now.

Six months of stay in Thailand means that I have to do things on my own. It also means that it is not good for me to rely on outside help like eating in the cafeteria every single day or sending my dirty clothes to a laundry service. Seeking outside help, which is not cheap, will have a great impact on my expenses. My best recourse is to do my own laundry and to learn how to cook.

Dirty clothes piled up last week. Unfortunately, I have nothing to use for laundry so I had no choice but to improvise.
Laundry in kitchen sink

I used the kitchen sink to wash my clothes. I also used my refrigerator's vegetable container as the container of my clothes.
Laundry in vegetable container

The kitchen got flooded after I did the laundry. This leave me with no other choice but to buy a small tub that I can use to wash my clothes.

Thai food is very spicy that's why I am very careful in choosing the food that I will order in food shops. One time, I ordered a very spicy fried fish for lunch. My eyes and nose were watery while I was eating.

What I enjoyed eating last week is this food:
Thai pork noodle soup
Pork noodle soup (not spicy).

One of my little project here is to learn how to cook. I bought a small pan, a rice cooker and other tools to accomplish this project. I tried to cook a piece of chicken drumstick last week and the results are...

...smoke and char. The chicken was burnt and my room was filled with smoke. I was relieved that there is no fire alarm or else firefighters will swarm my room. I can't imagine the commotion that it will make just because of a burnt drumstick.

(I was so disappointed of the burnt drumstick so I didn't take any photo of it :-P)

It is lonely to be away from my Beloved for a very long time. But the positive thing about my situation is that I will learn how to be more responsible and independent. I will also learn how to cook, which will make my Beloved very happy. :-)

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  1. Aww, talagang kailangan mong maging independent lalo na at nasa ibang bansa ka. wala kang ibang maaasahan kundi sarili mo lang.

    wag ka masyadong ma home sick parekoy. ang lapit lang ng Thailand sa Pinas oh :)

    cheer up!

  2. 6 months there? You're working or on a course?

    Well, all the best...make full use of the time to learn more about the place, the food, the culture, everything...and I'm sure you will learn to appreciate all that they have there.

    Of course, there's no place like home...but there's good in everything as long as we do not blind ourselves to the fact.

  3. dapat tlga resourceful at maabilidad ka pag ngtratravel

  4. Fiel-kun

    Hindi malapit no. :-P Ang layo kaya ng Pinas at Thailand.

    Yup. Kaya ko ito. :-)


    I am on training that's why I'll be here in Thailand for very long time. I know what you mean. I will do what I can to make my stay here more meaningful.


    Tama ka d'yan. :-)

  5. Oh it kind of sucks right when you stay alone and got to do the laundry and cook and all, but I guess it's good also in a way cos it will help to make you a better person! Haha

  6. Oh can't stand the spicy food? haha!! Yeah maybe you eat more and you will soon be able to eat more spicy food! : D

  7. ANyway, 6 months will fly by very fast! Hope you will be able to visit some of Bangkok's interesting places and try the yummy food there! Looking forward to read your posts on them! : )

  8. So when will you be leaving Bangkok? Maybe there's a chance we can meet up in Bangkok! LOL!

  9. Foong

    I agree with you. :-) Doing the laundry and other household chores will make into a better person. That's why I don't complain when I wash my clothes or have to do my own cooking.

    I do hope to visit many places in Bangkok. This is a once in a lifetime chance to take a look around the place. I know that Thailand has a lot of places that will interest me.

    I will be back to the Philippines in January. I hope you can visit Bangkok so we can meet. :-)


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