3 Super Yummy Delicacies that You should Never Miss when in Lucban, Quezon

The town of Lucban is famous for its Pahiyas, which is touted as the fiesta to end all fiestas. Who wouldn't be amazed with the houses decorated with kiping and veggies? Aside from the Pahiyas, Lucban is also famous for its super yummy delicacies.

I am fortunate to taste three of these super yummy delicacies of Lucban. So without further ado, here's the food that you should not miss when in your Lucban:

Pasalubong and Lucban’s Sweet Treats

A year after I visited Lucban, I got the chance to buy again my favorite pasalubong, which is the Broas.

Broas from Lucban
Sweets from Lucban. (Photo by Erick)

Broas is a crunchy bread that is so puffy that it melts inside your mouth. It became my favorite Lucban treat because of sweetness. However, Broas get crushed easily. When buying broas, I suggest that you buy the ones stored in big cans. If you opt to buy those in plastic packs then I suggest that you protect it or else you'll eat pulverized broas. That’s what happened to my broas when I got home from my visit to Pahiyas Festival.

A pack of broas costs 35 pesos. I tried to haggle with the vendors but their resistance is stiff, thus I can’t buy broas at a price less than 35 pesos. Too bad that I never employed my own tips on haggling.

Other pasalubong that I bought from Lucban are the Apas, and Torones. During the Pahiyas Festival, stalls selling pasalubong and kakanin were set up on the sidewalks. Visitors have numerous shops to choose from. During the regular days, pasalubongs can be bought on shops located near the Lucban Church.

Pansit Habhab (a.k.a Pansit Lucban)

Not to be outdone by other towns, Lucban also has its own version of pansit, which is called as Pansit Habhab. I do not know where Pansit Habhab got its name. My best guess is that the name came from the way Pansit Habhab is eaten.

Lucban Miki
Uncooked Pansit Habhab.

Pansit Habhab is eaten without using any spoon or fork. It is eaten directly off the plate, as if you are a goat eating some grass.

When we are looking for a place to buy Pansit Habhab, we found a shop in Lucban’s new market that has a long queue of customers. This shop is Pert and Nellie Pancit Habhab Shop and I believe that they have the best Pansit Habhab in the area because of the many people lining up to buy some from them. Other food stalls beside the Pert and Nellie’s shop are almost devoid of any customers.

Pert & Nellie Pancit Habhab store in Lucban
The long queue indicates that Pert and Nellie has the best Pansit Habhab.

Pansit Habhab from Pert and Nellie is 6 pesos per pack. This is not too expensive because one pack of Pansit Habhab is already enough for one person. Pert and Nellie will give you a plastic of vinegar to make your Pansit Habhab more delicious according to your taste.

Pancit Habhab from Lucban
A pack of pansit habhab is heavier than a pack of Luck Me!

Uncooked Pansit Habhab is also available at 40 pesos per pack. You could buy uncooked Pansit Habhab from shops selling pasalubong or at Eker and Ely, which is famous for its Lucban Longganisa.

Lucban Longganisa

This is the only Lucbanon delicacy that I failed to buy during the Pahiyas Festival. Lucban Longganisa is so famous that all stocks from every shops were bought by visitors of the Pahiyas Festival. My friend told me that Lucban Longganisa is quite delicious that Purefoods Company offered Lucban to buy the name and rights to Lucban Longganisa. Lucbanons rejected the offer because it forbids them to make Lucban Longganisa once Purefood bought the rights.

For the uninitiated, longganisa is a kind of sausage that is famous in the Philippines.

Lucban Longganisa for sale
Lucban Longganisa just hang outside most shops. (Photo from Lakwatsera Ako)

The best place to buy Lucban Longganisa is at Eker and Ely, which sells the sausage and pasalubong since 1958. Lucban Longganisa from this place is so good that there is still a long line of people buying there sausage the day after the Pahiyas Festival. If you really want to buy Lucban Longganisa from Eker and Ely, I suggest that you buy not during the Pahiyas Festival so that you could avoid the hassle of long lines.

Eker & Ely shop of Lucban Longganisa
Eker and Ely, home of great Lucban Longganisa.

The shop of Eker and Ely is located in the vicinity of the Lucban Church.

These are just three of the yummy food that I tasted while I was in Lucban. I'm sure that Lucban has more to offer so I will taste of Lucbanons' yummy food when I come back to their wonderful town.

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  1. uy di ko pa nat-try yang pansit habhab... pero napapanood ko nga ito sa tv

  2. Broas butter fingers .. My lola loves that...
    perfect pasalubong nga yan

  3. yikes the longganisa is the best!

  4. haven't tried Kiping..... parang wrapper ng lumpia no? hehe

  5. Replies
    1. Yup, favorite ko talaga yang broas. Ubos na nga eh. Ang natitira na lang ay yung pasalubong ko para kay honey.

      Masarap yang pansit habhab. Lagyan mo pa ng suka, hmmm...the best!

      I also did not taste kiping. Matabang lang naman daw yun.

      Salamat sa pagbisita blue.

  6. Wow! Those sausages are really HUGE!!! Not like the thin ones we have here! Hahahahaha!

    1. Yeah. And delicious too STP.

      You should try this if you ever visit the Philippines.

  7. Waah nasan na pasalubong ko parekoy? XD

    Favorite ko from Lucban is their Longganisa and Broas... sarap!

    1. Oooops! Sorry parekoy. Nakain ko na lahat eh. Next time na lang bigyan kita ng Broas.

  8. oohh....when i first saw this post, this made my mouth watered and crave for food. I love foods a lot especially kakanins, sweets and Filipino foods. I also love Japanese, Korean and other international foods in other words matakaw ako. I don't eat i Lamon!haha. Ask nicxter, she knows it!haha.

    So, kappa? learned something from blogging again!:)

    I love the foods!huhu T.T, my mouth is watering!:)

    1. Haha...mukhang matakaw ka nga. Ok lang yan. Para matikman mo lahat ng delicacies around the country e kailangan alam mo lumamon.

  9. hi my boyfriend and I together with his relatives also went to quezon and witnessed the pahiyas festival. we also bought quezon delicacies..and i soooo love pancit habhab. I bought 2 packs as pasalubong for my mother and father dear ^_^ then 1 dozen of longganisang lucban, 3 small packs/plastic of apas and a can of broas and 4 box of BUDIN... ^_^ hehe! dame ko naging pasalubong nun and i'm glad my parents appreciated it..sana bumili ka din ng budin..masarap din un ^_^

    1. Ngayon ko lang nalaman yung budin na 'yan. Next time na pagbisita ko sa Lucban eh titikman ko rin yun.

      Wow, ang dami mong nabili sa Lucban ah. ^_^ Ang daming pasalubong.

  10. Peyborit ko ang Lucban longganisa! Yun pa ang di mo nabili. heheheh! Sarap yun!

    1. Haha...pasensya na po. Nag-inarte kasi ako. Gusto kong bilhing longganisa eh yung binebenta ng Eker. Eh ang haba ng pila dun. 'yan, hindi na ako nakabili nun. Next time pagbalik ko eh bibili ako.

      Or papabili na lang ako sa kakilala ko.

  11. ooowww!!! my favoritessss!!!thanks for sharing! good day!

  12. uu ang dame ko naging pasalubong..kaya aun nabutas un bulsa ng pants ko..naubusan ako ng pera..kasi di ako makapagwithdraw dun..wala akong makitang bpi..buti na lang kasama ko bf ko..hehe :D next year itry mo un budin..so yummy :D

    bumili ka din ba ng tshirt ng lucban dun? magaganda un ibang tshirts dun, ee ^_^

    1. Ok lang yan. Minsan lang naman eh at saka ang sasarap naman ng mga pinamili mo. Hindi ka naman lugi.

      Matanong nga sa kakilala ko kung anu yan budin na yan. ^_^

      Yup, marami rin akong nabiling shirts. Dun din naubos yung pera ko eh.

  13. Replies
    1. Nagutom ka ba dahil sa post ko? Waha! Pasensya na ha.

      Bili ka na lang muna sa tindahan ng Cracklings. ^_^

      Hope you are havin' a good time my friend.

  14. thnks for dropping by. have you tried InpostLinks and PayperPost? they are not so strict compared to SS.

    1. Hmmm...I'll be checking on those two. Salamat sa info. Mas maraming income source eh mas maganda.

  15. di ka man lang nagbigay ng broas hahaha

  16. one word to describe....


    1. Yummy talaga yung mga 'yun Nicxter. Maliban na lang siguro sa kiping.

  17. Hmmm, I wonder if I would like that Broas bread since I have sweet tooth, haha!

    Oh the longganisa is rather huge! Is it nice? Would love to taste it if I go Philippines! : )

  18. wow sarap nman yan, na inspire din ako magsulat about my favorites in lucban, here is my post


    almost pareho tayo ng gusto ah, hehe, ang wala lang sayo ay siopao at puto bumbong

    1. Wow! Masarap din pala yung siopao at puto bumbong sa Lucban. Unfortunately, hindi ko siya natikman noong pumunta ako ng Lucban kaya hindi ko sila naisali sa blog post.


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