Philippine Politics: On Cowardly and Lazy Presidential Candidates

Cowardly Presidential Candidate

During college (4th Year), First day sa Physics Class (Relativity & Quantum Mechanics), nagsalita yung terror prof: "Yung gusto lumipat ng prof jan ay punta kayo dito sa harap at pirmahan ko change matriculation form nyo."

May tatlong estudyante ang pumunta sa kanya.

Pagkapirma ng change mat form, sabi ng prof (sounding like inahing manok): "buk buk buk".

I am reminded of this scene whenever I hear that that presidential candidate skipped another public engagement.

He did not attend the convention of MSME

He did not attend a COMELEC hearing (sakit-sakitan)

He did not attend a TV interview (bias daw kasi yung host)

Attending conventions and TV interviews is not mandatory for any candidate but it gives us a glimpse on what that candidate will do when he get that electoral post. When the going gets tough, you will not see him. He will just surround himself with yes men. He will not listen to any criticism, valid or not.

Ngayong kampanya na dapat masigasig sya sa panunuyo ay ayaw na magpakita at iwas nang iwas. Paano pa kaya kapag naupo? Magpapakita pa kaya siya?

Well "buk buk buk".

- - -

Takbo Takbo Lang

This candidate said he couldn't attend the Presidential Forum of the KBP. The reason is conflict of schedule. Ayun pala he is just doing a taping/shooting of a interview/cooking show with the "dilawan" Korina Sanchez.


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