Preparation is the Key

I read from the blog of Ate Claire that she loves rain. She said that she loves to hear raindrops falling on the roof of her house. I also used to love the rain, but for now, I dislike it. The reason for this is that the rain always bring floods and I have a hard time going home every rainy day because the streets of Metro Manila is flooded.

It has been raining the past days and Metro Manila is flooded easily. A simple rain is enough to bring waist-high flood on some parts of the metropolis. Thus, many residents suffer and many motorists are trapped and can't go home. Due to the current scenario, it is easy to recall the calamity that occurred last year when Typhoon Ondoy dumped large volume of water in Metro Manila, causing many areas to be flooded. The floodwaters reached even above the roofs of second floor houses. Many people died and many properties were destroyed. Cars and appliances were ruined.

Now that the rainy days are here, it is not an exaggeration for the many of us to be scared of the flood, especially now that the government is not serious in fixing the drainage system of Metro Manila. I could see that there is no serious work to prepare the whole city for the another occurrence of the Ondoy-like flood.

However, it is wrong just to stand scared and do nothing. Now is the time to be prepared. Now is the time for the people living in low-lying areas to store provisions of food, water and medicine. Emergency kits must be prepared and batteries for radio and flashlights should always be at hand. Applying for an insurance policy is also a prudent thing to do. Car insurance, HVG insurance, and the likes will be enough to protect your properties, as long as your insurance policy have the "Act of God" coverage.

It has been that we should always expect and pray for the best. That is good, but there is no harm for us also to prepare for the worst. Preparing for possible calamities should be started now, before it is too late.

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  1. Um yehey, first to comment i think. Um. Rainy days are cool. I sometimes like it i sometimes dont, because if your are lazy going somewhere if you have appointments you can use it as a reason not to show up!ahahahaha, Bad!

    I dont like it, basta ayoko sa kanya minsan, ah,(Light Bulb) kasi pag late ka na sa school, umuulan, wala kang payong!, yun, yun yung ayoko sa kanya!ahahahaha.

    Seriously, I think we should be really thankful because we have rain, there's a balance in the weather. It's us, the human that caused all the floods and other disasters, ganti sila ng kalikasan satin kasi hindi tayo marunong magpahalga sa kanya!:)

  2. I like rainy days too - cooler...but not when it brings a flood.

    We had one in my town over a week ago but only in the low-lying areas (but luckily, my area was ok - no flood)...and the people just cursed and swore and put all the blame on the government...and once the flood subsided, no more sound! I wonder if it is like that in your country - this kind of mentality.

  3. @Steve:

    Haha...yah. You are the first commenter. ^_^

    Yup...rain can be good or bad, depending on the situation and the person. As of the moment, I don't hate rain because I am at home. But if I am at the road going home I will be frustrated because of the intense traffic caused by floods.

    You are right. Because we neglected our environment that is why we are suffering due to floods. We must protect our environment to stop these floods.


    Same mentality friend. Here in my country, we only act when the disaster is already knocking at our doors. During other times, we just let things be and forget that we need to do something to prevent the calamity from happening again. We are hard-headed people who do not learn from our mistakes easily.

  4. we have done nothing different since we were hit by ondoy. being the case, it's best we realize that this sort of devastation will happen again.

    more than getting insurance to prepare ourselves for the possibility of losing our worldly possessions, we should take steps to actually prevent heavy floods.

    sana ngayon maglabasan na ang mga "heroes" nung panahon ng ondoy.

  5. sa amin din ang bumilias magbaha sa kalsada... yikes.. quite alerting

  6. i dont like rain.
    here the summer is over. now it rains very often. i dont like it. you have to bring umbrella wherever you go. it makes your bag extra heavy coz of the umbrella.hehhe!

  7. @Pasigriveravenger:

    You are so right. It seems that no one is doing any effort to prevent the Ondoy floods from happening again. As if the public and the government never learn from the grave effects of their mistakes against the environment.

    Meron ngang ginawang solusyon after Ondoy pero gaya nga ng inaasahan, ningas kugon lang.


    Grabe no. Sa palagay ko barado lang yung drainage system n'yo. Mapanganib 'yan kung may dumaang uli't na bagyo sa lugar natin. Todong baha na naman ito.

    @Ate Faye:

    Yeah...the rain brings inconvenience to many of us. Just this morning I got wet because of the sudden rain.

  8. hi ish.. the rain can be a friend or a foe.. in my case, i just love the rains when they come as rains only, with no floods or gusty winds accompanying them,all of us really donw want floods, that's true.. and yes, we should always be prepared for it now that we are having the rainy season.. thanks for sharing ish :)

  9. @Claire:

    I know what you mean. ^_^ Rain brings refreshment to our hot weather and water our plants. Rain is very important. The problem of floods can be traced to the people's irresponsibility when it comes to the environment. Kung hindi tayo pabaya e di walang baha.


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