Dream House, Anyone?

My brother once said that he know if he is smartly dressed if the sales agents for a condominium is giving him some flyers. He said that the better he is dressed, the more those sales agents think that he is a rich guy that have the money to afford an expensive condominium unit in the heart of Metro Manila.

My brother’s experience with those sales agents is just few of the many experiences that we have with them almost everyday. The sales agents of condominium and town houses could be literally found everywhere. They could be found at the malls, on the streets, and even in the palengke (market). They hand out flyers of showing beautiful houses, amazing amenities, and idealized communities. I don’t know how many people are convinced with their flyers or how much they earn from commissions. But whenever I encounter them, I always think of the home that I want to build for my beloved and my future family.

Since I was a kid, I always think of having house that have a front yard and a backyard, which is large enough for my kids to run around and play. I like to have a nice garden so cleanse my eyes of the urban scene that bombarded it during the workweek. I plan to have a two-floored house with many rooms. I want to have a kitchen complete with cooking equipments and implements. I want my living room to have rustic furniture and an entertainment system complete with TV and surround-sound.

That is my dream house and as of now, I am thinking that my dream house will always be just in my dreams. I guess I have to settle in a simpler but happy house for me and my future family.

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  1. Any house...even a small and simple one will be a home if filled with love.

  2. It always happen to me...some sales agents come to offer me something but hey I am not rich haha...

    I want a simple home with a beautiful landscape *sighs*

  3. I also had the same experience like nung sa brother mo. Pag mukha kang executive sa suot mo (slacks/polo shirt,tie), talagang mataas ang chance na lalapitan ka ng mga sales agents ng house/condos.

    Sa akin naman, dream house ko is a two-story house na di naman kalakihan na nakatayo sa gitna ng isang lugar na madaming halaman or trees somewhere in the province. Gusto ko din yung may sarili akong vegetable garden sa backyard. Hilig ko kasing magtanim hehe.

  4. @Suitapui:

    I agree. It is the love that makes the difference. We have a saying here in the Philippines which goes like this:

    "Mas mabuting tumira sa kubo kung nakatira ay tao, kaysa sa isang mansion na ang nakatira ay kuwago."

    (It is better to live in hut where the residents are human than in a mansion where the residents are owls.)

    @Jag and Fiel-kun:

    Pareho tayo ng dream house ah. ^_^ Kaso mahirapan na tayo kumuha ng mga ganyang style ng bahay dito sa Metro Manila. Sa probinsya na lang talaga tayo pupunta n'yan.

  5. Wow! So many real estate agents there? Nice to dream about your dream house. You can still make it a reality! Good Luck! : )

  6. The reason is that the realt eastate business is booming here in the Philippines.

    Thanbks Foong. Hope it do come true.


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