Dark Moment in the Philippine History

I am still in shock while I was typing this blog post.

I can't believe that a handful of tourists, our foreign visitors were taken hostage and killed by a police captain that went amok.

I can't believe that the Philippine National Police's Special Weapons and Tactics Group (PNP-SWAT) is totally ill-prepared for incidents like this. I am enraged by the fact that the whole PNP is still green in dealing the crisis that I am worried about my safety if I ever fall in the same situation.

I am ashamed of the Philippine media who chose the ratings war over the safety of the hostages. The government should have issued a total news black-out in the incident to avoid the hostage taker from being informed of the plans of the police and also from being informed by his cahoots.

It is saddening that peaceful negotiations were not prioritized to resolve this crisis. The Police did not fully utilized all the peaceful options available.

Quirino Grandstand is the place where Philippine presidents are sworn into office. Now, the whole world will brand it as the place where innocent tourist are killed.

I am worried with what will happenb to the tourism industry of the country. I am worried with how the world will perceive our OFWs. I do hope that the world will not judge all Filipinos based on the action of Captain Mendoza.

I am still in shock. Today is one of the darkest moment in Philippine history.


Dear God,

I earnestly pray for the peaceful repose of those who died in the crisis. Please do not look upon their sins and let them join you in Your heavenly abode. I also pray for those who are fighting for their lives in the hospital. Please heal them and let them live so that they could still be with their families.
I also pray for my country. Please help us to deal with matter. Please help us reforming the ruined sectors of our country, especially the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces. Guide the Filipino people.

I pray this, in the name of Jesus the Lord. AMEN.


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  1. Nag uumpisa pa lang ang Pinas para sa pag asang pagbabago dala ni PNoy, meron na agad ganyan! Ewan ko lang kung kayanin pa ng Pinas na bumangon :(

  2. It is indeed a very dark moment. It makes me sad to see our helplessness at during these times. The Hong Kong government already told their people to avoid all travel to the Philippines. This would never be forgotten.

  3. @Lord CM:

    Tama ka bro. Malaking dagok ito sa liderato ni Noynoy. Hindi pa sya naka 100 days eh nagkaroon na siya ng ganitong krisis.

    Pero sa kabila ng nangyari eh naniniwala ako na makakabangon pa tayo. Marami nang masamang nangyari sa ating Pilipino noong simula pa ng ating kasaysayan. I hope na hindi tayo magpapatalo sa nangyari na hostage drama. Dapat na nating simulan ang totoong pagbabago. Ang nangyari na hostage drama ay sapat na sana para imulat ang ating mga mata na simulan na ang pagbabago.


    This would never be forgotten...and that is a sad thing. All of our positive campaigning in the tourism industry were wiped out by the single act of this one man.

    I am worried about the OFWs who work in Hongkong. I expect that they will suffer more intense discrimination. :-(

  4. I sure hope not. My best friend's father works in Hong Kong. :/

  5. that was a meanigful prayer.. truly, our country is not looking good in the eyes of our foreign brothers.. hopefully we'll survive this crisis...

  6. It's horribly tragic and I hope the police will be more prepared in future.

    So there's a TV in the bus? OMG! So the hostage taker knew the police's every move! How silly!

    This is so sad! But I think we should just move on.

  7. @Mariel:

    One of my close friend's mother is also working in Hongkong. Her mom is just lucky because her employer is nice and did not blame all Filipinos for the incident. However, I heard in the news that at least were already terminated by their employers in Hongkong because of the incident.

    @Ate Claire:

    We will survive this. However, we must accept that we will be passing on a very rugged and difficult path before we return to normal. My only hope that the whole nation learn the valuable lesson and may the incident never occur again.


    I do also hope for that. Now, the whole world knows how amateurish our police are. The government must act and start the real reform for the Philippine police.

  8. Yes, I saw it on tv news...but it is something that can happen anytime anywhere. Sheer bad luck that it happened the way it did. I cannot understand why some people are condemning the whole country and all Filipino people because of this. So many posted on Facebook, some made not very nice remarks. Something is not right, hopefully something will be done about it - but it's not good to be too emotional about it.

  9. You are right Suitapui.

    I believe that the citizens of Hongkong have the right to be enraged with what happen. What's wrong is when they take it out on all the people.

    The factis thatnot all Filipinos are hostage takers

  10. Gobyerno, PNP, Media = lahat ay may pagkukulang kaya tigilan na nila ang sisihan.

    Lets all pray na lang para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansa at para sa pagsiglang muli ng turismo na siyang apektado ng crisis na ito.

  11. Tama ka. Sana itigil na nila ang sisihan at magsikilos na. Kawawa naman naman ang bansa natin kung walang gustong umako ng responsibilidad.

    Ipagdasal din natin parekoy yung mga kababayan nating OFW sa Hongkong na target ng discrimination na bunga ng hostage crisis.


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