Cover Me from the Sun

I have a little ritual in the office every morning when I reach my desk and before I start doing any work. You see, in our office, my desk is located beside a big window, which is overlooking to an elementary school located behind our office.

My ritual every morning is to look at the sunlight that fall to my desk. I am amazed by the sunlight because I could notice it moving every single day as the months progressed. In January, the sunlight falls near the edge of my table. Now it is almost the end of August and I notice it moved to the middle of my table. In the coming weeks, I know that the sunlight will move further and will directly hit me. Well, I guess I have to order some blinds so that I will be protected from the direct hit of the sunlight.

Looking at that beam of light every day reminds me that time is moving very fast. The month of August is ending and the “Ber” months is about to begin. The days will be accelerated until it is already Christmas time. Another year will end and a new one will be ushered in.

The days indeed move quite fast but as for now, I need to cover my windows up to protect myself from further darkening because of the sunlight.

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  1. Gee! Why is everybody talking about blinds? Another blogger friend, Merryn...also! LOL!!!

  2. Haha...I don't know. Maybe she also had her desk near a window. ^_^

  3. Time is moving very fast talaga di mo mamamalayan ayan at pasko na naman pala.

  4. Pasko na nga eh. Next month is Ber months. Simula na ng Pasko sa Pinas nun.

  5. Haayz... pasko na naman! ang bilis ng panahon noh?

    San ba located yung office nyo parekoy?

  6. Pasko na nga. Sa September 1 nga babati na ako ng Merry Christmas eh. ^_^

    Yung opisina ko? Nasa Binondo area ako.

  7. Tamaaa! sa campus nga. pag napapatigil kamee sa foodcourt. sasabihin. "abah! magseptember na. tapos october. tapos next sem na! ambiliss." haha! :) ambilis nga naman. T.T

  8. Uy, yung next sem agad ang nasa isip mo ha. Excited ka sa sem break. ^_^


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