Honoring the Overseas Filipino Bloggers

We, Filipinos, are known for our love of our family. This love pushed many of our kababayans (fellowmen) to become Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Our kababayans chose to work abroad to give their families a brighter future. Currently, many of our kababayans are also thinking of leaving the country because of the grim economic situation of the Philippines.

As of the moment, thousands of our kababayans are scattered around the world. The remittance that our country receives from them is so great that the government hailed the Overseas Filipinos as the bagong bayani (new heroes) of the country. The sad thing is that the “bagong bayani” tag is just an empty title and the authorities are doing nothing to truly honor or even protect the Overseas Filipino.

Aside from the success stories of working abroad, news from abroad shows the grim situations of many Overseas Filipinos. Many of the Overseas Filipinos were abused by their employers, others were tricked by their employment agencies, and the worst is that our embassies are useless in helping them.

Stories like these and more are the ones that the Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) wants to show to the world, especially to all Filipinos and the Philippine Government. PEBA aims to honor the Overseas Filipinos who chose blogging as their outlet to share their experiences while working abroad. PEBA wants the whole Philippines to be acquainted with the sorrows, joys, anger, and perceptions of our kababayans abroad.

In the end, PEBA aims to strengthen the connection between the Overseas Filipinos around the world and the Filipinos here in the Philippines.

I have already read the stories posted by Kiko, BatangGala, Kayni, and Bhing who are all nominees of PEBA.

I also salute and honor the Overseas Filipinos, who are working for their families and for the country. With this, I am in support of the endeavors of PEBA.

Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards


I thank DungeonLord for sharing about PEBA in his blog and advocating for the Overseas Filipino.

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  1. Salamat dito parekoy, try mo rin sumali sa contest, open naman sa lahat ang PEBA eh, OFW man o hindi...

    i-link ka namin sa PEBA Site as supporter :)

  2. You're welcome parekoy. Heto lang ang ma-i-offer ko as support for your cause. Maliit na tulong lang kung baga.

    Hmmm...wala akong compelling stories to share with you and the people regarding overseas employment or about OFWs.

    Yung mga kamag-anak ko abroad eh malayong kamag-anak.

    Pero I will try to think of a blog post na pwede ko i-share. Mag-brainstorm muna ako.

    Uy salamat sa link.

  3. Hi Ishmael. Dropping by here. Nice to see that you support your fellow men and women who are working hard outside your country : )

  4. Hi Foong, thanks for dropping by.

    Yeah, that's the only thing that I could offer them online.

  5. i salute them as well..
    first, because of their hard work and dedication
    and second, because of their courage to take the risk and for sacrificing for their family

    it is so nice of you ish to post such support for our fellow pinoy abroad

    have a great day and happy blogging

  6. Heya Blue,

    Long time no see ah. Seems like you have been very busy. Well, hope part of your loads were lightened up.

    Well, this blog post is just of the little thing that I could offer for them. I believe, that as a Pinoy blogger, it is our responsibility to be a voice to the voiceless that's why I made this post.

    Thanks Blue. Alam ko naman na karamihan ng Pinoy ay todo ang suporta sa ating OFW kababayans.

  7. I wonder if there's any in New Zealand - would love to establish contact with those there. Wellington - my daughter's studying there.

  8. wow, my mom is actually an OFW and today is the day when she'll be leaving to work at Bahrain.!:)

    I am so touched by this Ish!:) Thanks for such posting worthy posts like this. You're such a real blogger!:)

  9. @Suitapui:

    Well, there are plenty of Filipinos everywhere. I think their is a sizable number of OFWs in New Zealand.

    Oh, I remember. You daughter is New Zealand. I do think that there are also Fiilipino students studying there.


    Oh, that's sad. Your mom will be doing a sacrifice for your sake. Well, I do hope that the Lord guide her there and may He rain your family with blessings.

    ^_^ Nah, I just do what I could. Thanks for the compliment.

  10. ang dami nga natin sa buong sulok ng mundo...mahirap man ang buhay sige pa rin dahil mas mahirap sa atin. pero sana magkasama ang pamilya sa hirap at ginhawa.

  11. I will add your site link for this post, and will add it sa thread ng Facebook at KABLOGS so mabasa ng mga kaibigan natin. My apology for not adding you in the link, and for not knowing that you blog about this.

    Thanks a lot for your support! Mabuhay ka!

  12. @Carnation:

    Oo nga eh. Sa sobrang dami eh talagang mahirap sunda ang sitwasyon ng bawat isa. Sana bumuti na ang kalagayan ng bansa para at least magka-option ang ilang OFWs na bumalik dito. Salamat po sa pagbisita.

    @Mr Thoughtskoto

    Thank you po. Nakita ko lang yung tungkol sa PEBA from LordCM. Naisip ko na maganda naman yung cause kaya sinuportahan ko through my two blogposts. Well, I hope na nakatulong ako kahit katiting lang.

  13. How blogging has opened the eyes of many curious about the OFW. For all the sacrifices the OFW is a hero in many of our eyes.


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