How to Go to UP Diliman

UPCAT 2010 is less than 2 weeks away and many high school students are studying diligently to pass the exam.

UPCAT will be held on August 7 and 8 in all the campus of the UP System. I remember when I took the UPCAT, I didn’t know where to go. I am lucky that my dad tagged along that why I did not get lost during my exam.

UPCAT examinees should be aware of the heavy traffic during the exams, especially in UP Diliman. Thus, to avoid the hassle of being late, examinees should know how to go to UP Diliman.

UP Diliman is located in the heart of Quezon City, near the Quezon City circle. The campus can be reached in many ways. For people coming from the south, the best way is to ride a jeepney or bus that go to Fairview. Tell the driver or the bus conductor that you will go down at Philcoa.

For those who are coming from the north, riding a jeepney or bus going to Cubao or Quiapo is the best way to reach UP Diliman. You also have to go down at Philcoa.

At Philcoa, you must ride a jeepney that shows “UP Campus” placard. The traveling time to and around the campus will be slow because of number of people crowding the campus for the UPCAT.

As for me, I usually go down Central entrance of UP Diliman. This entrance is near the central temple of the Iglesia ni Cristo. From there, I just walk to my desired destination inside the campus. During the exams, there will be people who hands out the map of the campus to help the examinees.

UP Diliman is not that big and walking is not a problem. If you decide to walk, just be sure to go to UP Diliman early so that you will not be late.


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  1. You're taking the exam too? Good luck...

  2. No my friend. I just posted this to help those who will be taking the exam.

  3. Good thing we have a UPian who's pro-active! That's you, Ish! :)

  4. Good info ito para dun sa mga mag te take ng exams na hindi alam papuntang UP.

  5. @Ate Liza:

    Touched naman ako. Salamat ah. Well. Sana nga lang eh makatulong ako. Hope you are ok there.


    Thanks Anney. ^_^

  6. Mas masaya pa yan kapag pumasa na at first year college na kasi may mga naggogood time pa rin sa mga freshmen kung saan yung mga classrooms nila... pointing the wrong way...hehehhehehhehhe

  7. Aha! Gawain mo 'yan ano? :-P

    Sa amin may mga upper classmen na nang-aasar sa mga mag-e-exam. Sinisigawan nila yung mga examinees ng:

    "Wag na kayong mag-exam. Babagasak naman kayo eh. Magsi-uwi na lang kayo!"

    Haha...kawawang mga bata.


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