Twelve Silent Comics by Manix Abrera

If there is a thing that I look forward too when I had a chance to lay my hands on The Philippine Daily Inquirer, that thing would be Manix Abrera’s Kiko Machine comic strips. His comic strips are unique compared to the other comic strips in that broadsheet. It is funny, gory, and has many unique characters. In his comic strips, Manix sometimes use silent frames or comic strips that do not have speech bubbles. He just let the drawing in the comic strip tell the story.
 12 Silent Stories by Manix Abrera.

The silent frames that he uses in his comic strips was also used in his new comic book “Twelve Silent Stories.” Just like his comic strips, his drawing style is great and simplistic but the drama and the emotions are clear. By using silent frames, he made the readers think deeply on the story and meditate on what he is trying to convey to the readers.
One morbid comic strip from the book.

Twelve Silent Stories is composed of twelve stories that have funny are funny and insightful at the same time. If you are looking for a nice comic book, I suggest that you try reading Manix Abrera’s “Twelve Silent Stories.”


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  1. I love comics...but these? Eeee...poor frog! Looks so violent! LOL!!!

  2. it is not that violent. The full story of that comic strip is that is the frog that caused mayhem in the world. The killer just returned to the past to kill the evil frog.

  3. I don't really read comics but this got me!

  4. i remember, me and my bestfriend no.2 XP had comics when we were in elementary and high school...hehe

    silent comic strips are makes the readers think more...

  5. HAHA. omg me too! Grabeh! kaya lang napasok ng lib. well aside from nagreresearch .*Kuno* eh un lang ang pinupuntahan. haha! :3

  6. Looks like an interesting comics. The drawings are pretty funny : )

  7. @Alps: got you eh. Manix is really great.


    Kami rin noon. Naalala ko pa yung mga komiks na pinarerentahan sa mga tindahan. Yung mga Aliw komiks, Funny Komiks. Nakaka-miss din yung mga yon. Parte ng kulutura natin.


    Aha....isusumbong kita sa sa librarian. :-P


    Yeah my friend. That is why I like it. ^_^


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