Trying Something Different at Sunigbaan

We usually eat out after we attend Mass every Sunday. We are suki of Jollibee, McDonalds, KFC and the usual fast food restaurants. Last Sunday, however, My Beloved Wife wanted to try something different. So we both decided to have our lunch at Sinugbaan.

Sugbaan in Laguna

Sinugbaan is not a restaurant. It is more of food court where customers can buy from around ten food stalls.

We bought our food from this stall, the name of which I forgot:

Sugbaan in Laguna

Sinugba or sugba is the Visayan word for grilling. I think that the name is quite fitting for this restaurant because it echoed the open air sinugbaan that I saw in Cebu and in Davao.

Sugbaan in Laguna

We ordered grilled pusit, grilled fish, grilled longganisa, grilled chicken feet, and even grilled chorizo. These grilled items were accompanied with four cups of rice.

Sinugba food in Laguna

We paid 220 pesos for these and a small bottle of soft drinks. It’s quite cheap compared to the usual items that we buy from Jollibee.

The squid, the fish, the chorizo, and the longganisa were all good. The only one that we didn’t like was the chicken feet because it was somewhat dried and Lei think it was dipped in too much seasoning. My Beloved Wife didn’t touched the chicken feet so I had to finish it.

The dining experience is OK for the two of us because we didn’t expect much from Sinugbaan because it is just like a roadside carinderia. The food is OK for its price and maybe we’ll go back to this food court again when we became tired again of the usual fast food restaurants.


Sinugbaan Commercial Complex is located along Balibago Road / Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road, near the Balibago Elementary School.


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  1. Sounds nice. Yes, it is really nice to sometimes try something not "fast food". The grilled squid made my mouth drooled. Haha. How was it? :D

    Spices + Everything Nice |

    1. The squid is OK but not the kind that you will motivate you to return again and again. I guess the price of the food will motivate people to dine here again and again.

      Thanks for the visit. :-)


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