Ishmael F. Ahab is on Leave

Me balancing life
In my regular job, I am entitled to 5 days of mandatory leave. This 5-day leave is mandatory because the powers-that-may thought a one week vacation will de-stress employees, which in will turn boost production.

I think that those who made these “leave rules” are correct and I need to apply that to my blogs right now.

There are plenty of things that’s happening right now and I couldn’t squeeze all of it in a day. There are plenty of things running in my head too. And because of these things, my way of writing is affected so much that some of my blog posts took 3 days to 1 week to finish.

I suddenly lost my voice and I need to regain it. So, I will be taking a break for the remaining weeks of September.

This doesn’t mean that I’m closing shop. The truth is I’m opening my blog to those who wanted to guest post. So if you want to share your stories on this blog (and my other blogs), please leave a comment.

Good bye for a while Dear Reader. Just wake me up when September ends.


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