Random Things About Ishmael Ahab

The last time, I answered Fielkun's tag. Now, it is time for Foong's tag. My good friend gave me the Versatile Award. I was surprised and glad that he gave me this award. Thank you very much there Foong.

I thought that this was just a simple award. However, there is a catch. I have to say seven random things and after that, I have to tag anyone who I think as a versatile blogger.

This will be fun! So, now, let me share the seven random things about me.

1. My favorite number is 1. I like this number because it symbolizes being first and I always like to be the number one. My second favorite would be number 8 because it looks like an infinity symbol. Number 8 also looks like my signature.

2. Of all the activities, I like dancing the least. During my high school years, I always choose not to participate in any school activities that required us to dance. I even skipped school projects just to avoid dancing.

3. I am a fiery person. My Chinese zodiac is Fire Tiger and my European zodiac is Leo, which resides in the house of the sun. I have a fiery temper that burns me up whenever I am angry.

4. I hate Mondays, not only because it is the day that ends the restful weekend, but also because it is also flag ceremony day.

5. My dream vehicle is the army tank. I want to have a heavily armored tank that has high-powered artillery. Having a tank inside my garage is a good way to intimidate nosy neighbors. Well, it is not bad to dream, right?

6. I never formed a habit of taking a nap during afternoons. When I was a kid, afternoons is the time when me and my brother go to our friends to play. Now, I would prefer to do some work than sleep in the afternoon, even on weekends. Well, I guess, I am such a workaholic.

7.  My workplace is about two hours (or more) travelling time away from my home. Though, I get tired of travelling, I still prefer going home rather than renting a room/house that is near my workplace. I am a home buddy thru and thru.

So that’s the seven random things about me. Well, I do hope that you found something interesting about Ishmael Ahab.

Oh, by the way, I have new blog named Digital Think Tank. This blog talks about my experiences in the Internet, blogging, and the social media. I also give tips and tricks on this site. I hope you all check it out.

Lastly, I also thank Fielkun for giving me the Fidelis Award. Thanks friend!

To keep the ball rolling, I am giving this award
Versatile Blogger Award

to Fiel-kun, Ate Faye, LordCM, and Xprosiac.


Visit Digital Think Tank and read about my tips in choosing between Wordpress and Blogger when you are setting up a new blog.

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  1. Well, I hope I'm first haha!! Thanks for doing the tag! : )

  2. You like numbers 1 and 8? Me too! I also like 3!! Yes, 8 does look like an infinity symbol. Ooh! But it looks like your signature? Interesting!

  3. Wow! Very fiery huh? I better not step on your tail if you have one! LOL!

  4. Why you don't like dancing? Don't have the rhythm in you? Haha. I don't mind dancing. Especially in the rain! LOL!

  5. I guess a lot of people hate Monday cos it's a the first day of work! But for me, I'm quite OK with Mondays : )

  6. OMG! Your dream vehicle is an army tank? LOL! But it sure is a good way to intimidate your neighbours! That I have to agree! haha!

  7. Wow! No nap for you? Such a workaholic!! Me? I take nap every afternoon, well almost every afternoon! Hahaha!! Can't help it - I love naps! It keeps me alert the rest of the day, otherwise I'll feel drowsy! : )

  8. Love your home so much? Nothing like home sweet home yes? But OMG! 2 hours traveling to and from work! That's a lot of time wasted! 4 hours!! I can use that time sleeping or blogging or watching a movie or something! Haha!

  9. I love the 7 random things about you! Enjoyed reading this post!! You are indeed a very interesting person! : )

    OK, will check out your new blog! Digital Think Tank? Has it anything to do with your dream army tank? : D

  10. Base!!!

    Wow, very interesting random facts. Naku, pareho tayo pinaka ayaw ko din ang dancing activities at nung bata pa ako, ayaw na ayaw ko din na natutulog tuwing hapon. Mas gusto ko pang magbabad sa ilalim ng init ng araw kesa matulog haha.

    Whee! maraming salamat din sa award. Already posted na siya sa award section ko. XD

  11. Congratulations Foong! You are indeed first, for the first time. ^_^

    Yeah, there are som any interesting things about me. And so do you.

    Well, 8 will look like an infinity symbol if you rotate it by 90 degrees.

    Well, I just don't feel like it. I t is better for me to speak publicly than dance.

    Yeah, I burn like the sun...^_^

    I really really hate Mondays...and oh what the....it is Monday tomorrow.

    Haha...yeah, I am really fascinated by warfare that is why I like a tank.

    Well, I really love my home. ^_^ That is why I do the sacrifice. And it is less costly for me to go home everyday.

    Thank you Foong and I do hope that you like your visit to Digital Think Tank.


    Apir, pareho tayo. Ako ok lang manuod ng sumasayaw pero ayaw ko ng pinasasayaw. Sinusumpa ko yung mga pumipilit sa akin na gawin yun. Hehe...

    You are welcome parekoy. Bumawi lang ako eh.

  12. Ah! There's no place like home, eh? Good boy! You don't like dancing. Ooooo....I love that and singing too. But now I'm too old (and fat) for those things. Sobs!!!

  13. Thank Suitapui.

    Oh, you like dancing? Wow, that's great. Oh...don't be sad, dancing is not limited by age or body build.

  14. pareho tayo...di ako marunong matulog sa hapon..xp...
    armored tank talaga???kunsabagay pwede panakot un...
    swerteng number nga daw ang 8...

  15. Hehe...oo nga Nicxter. Sinubukan ko talagang matulog kanina pero hindi ko talaga kaya eh. ^_^ Kailangan ko mag-practice.


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