A Peek at Cebu Taoist Temple

Aside from the Minor Basilica of the Santo Nino, Magellan’s Cross, and Fort San Pedro; another tourist spot that could be visited in Cebu City is the Taoist Temple. The temple is located on the outskirts of Cebu City and on a much higher ground than the metropolis.

The Taoist Temple is the center of Taoism in Cebu City, which is mostly practiced by the Filipino Chinese living in the area. The temple is large in terms of area and there are many interesting things that could be found there. Aside from that, the view of Cebu City from the temple is good.
Taoist Temple in Cebu City
Taoist Temple, Cebu City


How to Go to Taoist Temple


There are no regular passenger jeepneys going to the Taoist Cebu Temple. The temple can only be reached by hiring a taxicab or by your own vehicle. Taking a car to the temple is not a problem since the temple has a large parking space.
Cebu City as viewed from the Taoist Temple
Cebu City, as viewed from the temple.

Taxi drivers do not usually go to Taoist Cebu Temple and will try to negotiate with the passengers so as to jack up the taxi fare. Try to haggle with the taxi drivers until you get a reasonable fare for your trip to Taoist Temple.

It is advisable to ask the taxi driver to wait for you while you are visiting the temple since it will be hard to get a taxi back to downtown Cebu City.

The reasonable price is around 300 pesos. That is already good for both going to the Taoist  Cebu Temple and going back to Cebu City.


What to Find Inside Taoist Temple


There are many things that could be seen inside the temple. An example of this is the architecture of the temple which reflects the Chinese origin of Taoism. The layout of the temple, the motifs and the design elements that are inside the temple mirrors the architecture that could be found in the Taoist and Buddhist temples in China. One notable Chinese design element that is present in the temple is the dragon. There are dragons that are painted on the ceilings. Statues of dragons are also present from the rooftop to a giant dragon statue on one of the temple gardens.
Dragons at Taoist Temple, Cebu City

Getting up this Cebu temple is exhausting because I had to climb a stairway with scores of steps just to reach the temple proper.
Cebu Taoist Temple
 The temple is above the mountains.
The most venerated part of this Cebu temple is the room where the statues of Taoist saints were placed. Sadly, it is forbidden to take pictures of the statues. My only replacement for that is this:
Statues in Cebu Taoist Temple

 Here are the other things that I saw inside the Taoist Temple.
Great Wall in Taoist Temple, Cebu City
 Replica of the Great Wall.

Fisherman at Cebu Taoist Temple
 Fisherman on the mountaintop.

Chinese Lion in Cebu Taoist Temple
The stone lion is watching you.

Pagoda in Cebu Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple is quite far from Cebu City proper but without visiting this place, your Cebu City experience is incomplete.


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  1. Well, nice photoblog!!!!

    I agree w/ you that a cebu city experience is incomplete w/ out visiting the Temple...

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    Tony :D

    1. Hi. Thanks for the links. I would be visiting those. I want to know more about Cebu since I want to return there and visit beaches there.

      Cebu is also known for its yummy dishes. The most famous is the lechon, which is unmatched according to my Cebuano friend.

  2. I'm glad that i've read that there is a Taoist temple here in the phil..i d0n't really kn0w that it exists here..cebu is beautiful i hope i can also visit there..your blog is informative. Thank u..

    1. Wow. You are back. :-) Thanks! Well, I do hope that you could visit Cebu. It is one of the good travel destination in our country. If you got the chance to visit Cebu, please blog about it. I want to know your Cebu experience.

  3. so cute.... makes me more eager to visit Cebu... yikes...
    thanks for sharing Ish..

    1. You are welcome. :-) I just love to talk about the places that I went to so as to show our kababayans that we have many things to be proud of in this country of ours.

  4. Sure! Kapag may trabaho na ko magbabakasy0n ako sa cebu..X)

    1. :-) Sige! Aabangan ko ang kwento tungkol sa Cebu. Salamat sa pagbisita.


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