Best Pasalubong from Titay's of Lilo-an

I asked my Cebuana friend, Juvy, where is the best place to buy pasalubong in Cebu. Her instant answer is “Titay's”. I thought that Titay's is just a simple shop that sells pasalubong items like Colette's in Laguna. My initial idea of the place was instantly erased when I reached the shop of Titay's and saw that it was established in 1907.
Titay's front
(Source: Marlin Beach Lodge)

Titay's is in the town of Liloan, which is located between the Danao City and Cebu City. Buses plying the two cities passes in front Titay's and the shop sometimes serves as a bus stop. You will know that you are near Titay's if you see the replica of Liloan Lighthouse located in the middle of the highway.

Titay's was established by Margarita “Na Titay” Frasco. The shop was then continued by her heirs, who zealously guarded the secret recipes of the founder. The shop is very famous for its rosquillos and other baked products like the otap and galletas.
Titay's bakery
(Source: The Wandering Wonder)
Titay's restaurant
(Source: The Wandering Wonder)

Titay's is not just a bakery but it is also a restaurant. Passengers, who are weary of their long travel, can sit and relax. Weary travelers will truly feel relaxed inside Titay's because of their harpist. Sadly, I didn't heard their harpist play during my visit.
Titay's harpist
(Source: Suroy Pilipinas)

The reason I went to Titay's is to buy pasalubong for my family and friends. I bought two pasalubong packs of rosquillos, otap and galletas. Too bad that had I no more cash to buy the other pasalubong items. I'll buy those items the next time that I visit Cebu.
Titay's rosqillos
(Source: Visit

I only tasted Titay's rosquillos when I came back home. I was not disappointed and I just tasted the reason why Titay's rosquillos is so famous. The biscuit is sweet and melted in my mouth. It is no wonder that my parents and siblings ate most of the rosquillos in one sitting.

If you are visiting Liloan (Lilo-An) or passing by this town, I suggest that you drop by Titay's to taste their baked goodness. Discover why Titay's managed to exist for more than a century and continued to be popular in the province of Cebu.

Visit Titay's website to know more about their rosquillos and other baked goodness.


Unfortunately, the photos I took during my visit to Titay's got deleted, which is the reason why posted photos from other blogs were used. Photos are owned by respective owners. Visit their blogs (click on the links below each photos) and read more stories about Titay's.

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  1. So many different types, so many different names... Would love to try all of them. Nice place, classy...looks expensive. You didn't take your own photos?

  2. hopia sa cebu ang isa sa masarap ko.....

  3. Wow! Courier some pasalubongs from Titay's to me, will you? : D

  4. STP

    I took my own photos but they got deleted, accidentally. I have no other choice but to grab other photos from other blogs.

    Yeah, they are so delicious. :-D


    Di ko pa natitikman yung hopia ng Cebu.


    Ha ha! Courier? Let me think about it. :-D

  5. i miss eating rosquillos! wala na ko nakikita ngayon...

  6. Haha! Serious? I'm just kidding, but you can seriously consider it LOL!

  7. Average Jane

    You are welcome. :-)

    Lover of Pink Cookies

    Rare na dito sa Maynila pero marami pa din sa Cebu. Dapat siguro bumisita ka din sa Cebu. :-)


    Ha ha! Let me think about it.

  8. I asked my sister to bring me otap from Cebu but when it came I was disappointed this one is like a hard biscuit not the otap that I know from the 70's

  9. Anonymous

    Did your sister bought the otap from Titay's?


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