Ishmael Ahab Goes North

Bangkok is not Thailand – and there are plenty of interesting spots in other Thai provinces. That’s why I’m very fortunate when a friend invited me to join their vacation to their hometown somewhere in Northern Thailand.

So, expect in the coming weeks to read about this temple:

Ancient temple in North Thailand

North Thailand - White Temple

And more temples!

I will also tell you the story of the hands of the damned and the house that’s painted black.

North Thailand - Hands of the Damned

I also made sure not to miss some Northern Thai food trip, including some fried bugs.

Yummy bugs from North Thailand

My gracious hosts even brought us to the northernmost part of their country: near the boundary of Myanmar in the famous “Golden Triangle” region. There was also this visit to another royal residence, this time the house of the king’s mother. That’s not all, we also visited the remains of an old civilization.


So, sit back, and enjoy my stories of our road trip to North Thailand. 


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