Blessed Christmas on FB

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  1. I saw this one as I'm a regular member of the FB community. Thanks for this post and I take this chance to wish all the viewers of this blog a very happy Christmas.

  2. Saw this on Facebook but did not bother to click. Haven't seen you in my blog for a while. Blessings for Christmas be upon you and your family and throughout the coming year...

  3. Hi STP,

    Are you talking to me? ^_^ This post is posted by my co-author, The Frumpy Mom.

    Sorry my friend if I haven't visited. I was in the middle of the sea, that's why I failed to drop by your blog.

  4. HeyaFrumpy Mom,

    I haven't checked this on my Facebook account yet.

  5. NIce video! Thanks for sharing!
    Babati na nga pala ako ng Merry Christmas at super busy na sa mga
    susunod na araw! God Bless!

  6. Merry Christmas to you Ishmael! Enjoy the season of merry making...


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