Different Reactions with Chic-Boy

Hunger found me strolling around World Trade Center, Pasay City one early morning. I was at that place to attend an exhibition there. Unfortunately, that exhibition has no free food so I was forced to look for nearby restaurants to eat. The only options that I considered were Jollibee and Chic-Boy. I decided to go to Chic-Boy since I am yet to try their food. Another reason is that I am already satiated with the foods of Jollibee.

Chic-Boy stands for chicken and baboy (Filipino term for pork). My brother once hailed Chic-Boy as the competitor against Mang Inasal. Now he is making fun of Chic-Boy's caterpillar debacle. My visit to Chic-Boy that morning is fine and didn't involve any caterpillar. I ordered inihaw na liempo (roasted pork belly) with rice and a cup of coffee. That breakfast meal costs me 99 pesos for the inihaw na liempo and rice.
Chic-Boy inihaw na liempo
Chic-Boy's inihaw na liempo.
The inihaw na liempo is dry and hard to chew. The meat should have been crispy. Well, the crispiness is not present in that inihaw na liempo. I believe that the hard-to-chew inihaw na liempo was an isolated case because I tasted a better Inihaw na Liempo at the Legazpi City Branch of Chic-Boy.

Chic-Boy’s “sabaw” tastes better than that of Mang Inasal’s and the good part is that they have fried garlic that you can liberally shower upon the unlimited sabaw. Like what I said in Tagalog, “sabaw pa lang solve ka na.”

The best food that I tasted at Chic-Boy is their breaded pork chop.
Chic-Boy breaded pork chop
Chic-Boy's breaded pork chop.
I instantly liked Chic-Boy’s creamy sauce with mushroom. The breaded pork chop is well-cooked and is easy to chew, which is unlike the Inihaw na Liempo that I had complained earlier. The breaded pork chop is OK for the price of 70 pesos because of its good taste, though it is not included to the meals with unlimited rice. I will order the breaded pork chop again if I visit Chic-Boy in the future.


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  1. Oh forgot you moderate comments! So I may not be first after all! : )

  2. Chic-Boy! Haha! I thought they are both English words! Didn't know Boy is short for baboy! LOL! But the name Chic-Boy sounds catchy : D

  3. Rumor has it that Chic-boy is owned by the same person who started Mang Inasal. But since his original baby is now part of the Jollibee food group, he opened a new one na lang. =)

  4. Foong

    Congratulations! You are first. ^_^

    Yep, Chic-Boy stands for Chicken at Baboy. This restaurant offers chicken and pork meals with unlimited rice.

    And yes it sounds catchy. It sounds like the term used for a man who has a lot of girlfriends.


    That is a possibility. He sold Mang Inasal because he has a better idea of a restaurant. Siguro naumay na rin siya sa usok ng inasal kaya binenta na niya sa Jollibee.

  5. Yummmmm!!!! The Chic-Boy's inihaw na liempo looks good! Too bad the meat's dry and hard...

  6. Sumikat nga yan dahil sa catterpillar issue. Di ko pa na try kumain dysn. Pero very affordable sya ha!

  7. the roasted pork belly looks good there! does it come with some special sauce for some savory taste?

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  8. Anney,

    Affordable nga ang pagkain kasi ka-presyo lang ng mga pagkain sa Mang Inasal 'yung pagkain sa Chic-Boy.


    The roasted pork belly has no special sauce. Thank you for your visit. :-)


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