5 Reasons Why I’m an AlDub Fan

I am an AlDub fan. There I said it. Maybe I need to shout it: I AM AN ALDUB FAN.

Now, I am not the type of person who gushes about love teams and showbiz. In fact, I dislike local showbiz with gusto. I am mostly unaffected with love teams. Well, this changed with Alden and Yaya Dub.

I confess that I didn’t like Yaya Dub when I first watched her first appearance in Eat Bulaga’s Sugod Bahay portion. I am not impressed with her dub smash and I found it OA. I even predicted that she will be gone within the month. This is what I believed until this happened:

That spark between the two started a fire that is now raging in the whole country and even the whole world. Even I was not able to reach the fire exit and thus I was now burning with AlDub Fever.

I am truly hooked with AlDub and these are the 5 reasons why:

1. Kalyeserye Makes Me Laugh Like Crazy

I rarely laugh hard at local sitcoms and gag shows. In fact, I don’t usually laugh at the many of the antics of Eat Bulaga Dabarkads. But when Kalyeserye started I go like this:

(Source: Neogaf)

Then when AlDub came I started doing this:

(Source: Neogaf)

Only Kalyeserye can give me this kind of laugh.

2. Kalyerserye Revives Filipino Positive Culture

Kalyeserye is not only for laughs because positive Pinoy culture is ingrained to it. It is refreshing to see Alden make “mano” to Yaya Dub’s parents. It is so nice to hear Lola Nidora spout good advice to Alden and Yaya Dub regarding relationships. The youth of today need to hear these words of wisdom.

Word of Wisdom of Lola Nidora
(Source: Popsight)

3. AlDub Makes Me Kilig

OK. I admit it. AlDub makes me kilig. I rarely experience this with other love teams but with AlDub it is [very] hard to resist.

Alden Richards + Yaya Dub = AlDub
(Source: GMA News)

Joey De Leon said that he felt kilig at his old age because of AlDub. If an old man couldn’t resist the kilig then a younger man like me don’t have the chance.

4. Kalyeserye is Scripted but Not Scripted

Critics say that Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye is scripted. Of course it has a script BUT the script is just a guide for the flow of the story. Kalyeserye will not be successful if Wally, Jose, Paolo, Alden, Yaya Dub, the Rogelios, the Bernardos, the Quando Quando Quando and all Dabarkads will just act spontaneously. Kalyeserye is interesting because there’s a story.

However, the script doesn’t dictate every action and reaction of Kalyeserye actors. I firmly believe that Alden and Yaya Dub’s reaction to one another is genuine and this is the source of all the kilig that the whole AlDub nation feels.

The writers and actors of Kalyeserye made a healthy mix of script and spontaneity and this is what made AlDub a worldwide craze.

5. AlDub Brings Out Pinoys’ Artistic Talents

Filipinos’ artistry came out because of Alden and Yaya Dub. A simple Google search will show hundreds of AlDub inspired artworks from simple drawing to digital painting and even photo manipulation.

AlDub Fanart
(Source: Linkis)

And did I mention about the thousands upon thousands of memes created because of AlDub?

There are also AlDub inspired songs. One is “The AlDub Song” which is catchy.

My favorite would be Yaya by Jimmy Bondoc, which encapsulated all the essence of AlDub like the positive advice by Lola Nidora and the kilig.

Bonus Reason: AlDub Makes Twitter More Alive

12.1 million tweets for AlDub
(Source: onehallyu)

The Twitter war is unprecedented because of AlDub. The fans of Eat Bulaga and It’s Showtime clash in Twitter. Even Ben10 was dragged in the Twitter war. The skirmish between the fans of AlDub and Pastillas Girl is fun to watch.

These are my 5 + 1 reasons why I’m an AlDub fan. How about you? What is your reason?

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  1. hello to you my co-aldub fan ;) i agree with you Ishmael. I, one of the many Filipino ofw found joy watching this kalyeserye. It is like a stress reliever and an outlet from the stressful work and life away from home. Also, a simple reflection of what Filipino values we got that we almost forget.

    1. Long time no see here in my blog. Active ka na ulit sa blogging? :-)

      I am glad to know na pampa-alis ng stress sa inyo yang AlDub. Such positive effect lalo na sa mga OFWs na nami-miss ang tahanan sa Pinas.

    2. maybe babalik ulit ako sa blogging. right now i preferred to read than to write. :)

    3. Blog ka na kasi uli. Kwento mu ang buhay ng Pinay nurse sa Singapore.

  2. First time seeing that. I do watch some Filipino stuff on youtube but they would have to be in English or have English subtitles since I do not understand Tagalog.

    1. I am happy that you watch some of our local stuff.

    2. There's now some videos with subtitles and explanation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSRDzIY6m8o8sLeYXGcDxw
      some in ALDUBNATION has takenn the initiative to have it translated

  3. Cheers! Agree ako jan Ish... So proud to be part of the Aldub Nation... good vibes lang lagi woooh!

  4. Naku hindi ako fan niyan. Joke lang. Obviously, kapamilya ako at solid showtimer,, but that doesnt mean that i like pastillas either, or hate EB or Aldub. I'll take my penny to aldub, why? because just like your reasons, i love how they bring the spirit of waiting, patience, and paggalang sa matanda compare sa pastillas na bugawserye, which as a showtimer, makes me really disappointed with the show and with the network.

    I dont like also that both networks showcase these on weekends, my fear is that baka maumay ang tao, plus there's a lot of national issues that we should address on our local/magazine shows. Knowing GMA, baka ma mis manage nila ang aldub, sayang ang talent at values na itinuturo nito. :)

    1. Parte naman ng showbusiness ang pagkaumay ng mga tao. Darating ang panahon na mawawala rin ang popularity ng AlDub. Bahala na yung GMA kung paano nila i-strategize yan.

      As for the national/local issues, I guess that is an unfair criticism to AlDub or to those who watch noontime shows. We are all confronted by national problems every. Hindi naman siguro masama na mag-break for an hour or so sa pag-iisip ng mga problemang iyon.

  5. As long as it's entertaining, go lang! Pero naumay ako kay Pastillas. I'm not an Aldub fan but I prefer watching it if asked to choose between the two. =)

    1. Tama. As long as its entertaining then go. That's the purpose of showbusiness. That is to entertain us.

  6. I like the way you presented your reasons liking Aldub.. Im an EB fan since the show's birth nakalakihan ko na sya. Like any shows EB had their ups and downs. But through the years they became an institution. Joey had said Aldub is a bonus .. blessing come from Above. Enjoy natin ang Aldub hanggat pag sawaan na natin eto but from yesterday's episode looks the best is yet to come perhaps wedding ang the end.

    1. Tama ka. Enjoy na lang natin. Yun naman talaga ang purpose ng AlDub. Ang mag-entertain.


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