Noisy Boat Travel to Bicolandia Mainland

I only stayed in Masbate City for three days to finish the work assigned to me. I had no choice but to pack my bags and begin another journey to other parts of Bicolandia. My office ordered me to go to the Sorsogon town of Bulan.

The fastest way to reach Bulan is to ride a passenger boat at Masbate City port. The boat is scheduled to leave Masbate City at 2 PM every day. Our guide took us to the port after we finished our lunch. The Masbate City port is managed by Philippine Ports Authority, which is a government-owned corporation.
Entrance to Port of Masbate City, Bicolandia

We found the Bulan-bound boat berthed at the wharf. The boat's name is Kulafu 5.
Kulafu berthed at Masbate City, Bicolandia
I saw porters load sacks of rice and other cargoes to the open space at the front of Kulafu. This boat is not for people who want an easy travel. Its seats are just monobloc chairs. The open window is this Kulafu's aircon that also bring in saltwater when the sea is rough. The worst part is that the engine of the boat is too noisy. You can hear the “brrrrrrrrr” of Kulafu's engine a mile away.
Port of Masbate City, Bicolandia
One last look at Masbate Port.
Kulafu's engine started at around two o'clock. We moved away from Masbate in no time.
Masbate City, Bicolandia as viewed from the sea
View of Masbate City from the sea. The Masbate Cathedral is at the center of the photo.

Masbate City may already be urbanized but other areas of Masbate Island still have the rural ambiance. The province still boasts of large tracts of greens, which I saw after a few nautical miles.
Island of Masbate, Bicolandia
Mountains ans greens of Masbate Island.
Kulafu moved southeastwards aiming for the south end of Ticao Island.
The red line shows our route from Masbate City to Bulan.
Travel on open sea is boring. There were no dolphins swimming beside our boat. I even waited for a kraken to eat Kulafu but to no avail. I only got excited when we saw land. We finally reached the south end of Ticao Island!
South end of Ticao Island, Bicolandia

I got excited when I saw land just after two hours on open sea. I now understand why sailors of old are so mad to see land. Being at the sea for a long time makes one miss dry land so much.

The sea got rough suddenly the moment we passed Ticao Island. We are back to the open sea but the boredom is gone. The winds are strong and waves came crashing at Kulafu. The sprays forced us to close the windows. Everything is doing fine until a woman became sea sick. Other passengers stood up to help her. We tended the sea sick woman until we reached Bulan.

It was dark when reached Bulan. We traveled for four hours. Our journey would have been much longer because the boat's captain wanted to save fuel and made Kulafu travel very slowly. The boat traveled faster when the woman got sick. What happened to the woman was bad but it had a good effect, somehow.


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  1. working while seeing those wonderful sites was just so awesome

  2. MeCoy

    Awesome indeed! This is great benefits of my current job.

  3. Beautiful... I wonder if I will get seasick or not. Been years since I went out to sea in a boat or ship.

  4. Ahoy! I'm back :D

    Wow, blue na blue yung color ng dagat at langit. Super ganda!

  5. STP

    You are not that old. You can still brave the sea. ^_^


    Oy! You're back. It is so good to see you again here. Anong nangyari sa iyo at nawala ka nang kay tagal?

  6. may magpasama lang sa akin na kaibigan dito sa leyte para pumunta ng masbate ay sasama talaga ako..

  7. Nawa'y may mag-aya sa iyo na pumunta ng Masbate Arvin.

  8. Bulan? That is the moon in Malay language! : D

  9. Yes I agree travel on the sea is boring. It's the land that is interesting. I wonder if I will go crazy if I am at sea for too long without seeing land! LOL!

  10. Foong

    I think bulan is also "moon" in some languages here in the Philippines.

    You will go crazy Foong. Pandas are not meant to stay too long in the middle of the sea.

  11. Hahaha!! Pandas cannot survive in the middle of the sea for sure! We need bamboo gardens and forests!! Not miles and miles of blue water LOL!!

  12. Oh surprisingly, bulan also means "month" in Malay.

    And guess what? The Chinese also use the same word ('yue') for both moon and month! Read here

  13. Foong

    That's why you should stay away from the sea Panda. :-P

    Well, month and moon has the same etymology in many languages because month is based on the phases of the moon. So, it is not surprising that bulan means both moon ang month.

  14. dear next time ride a plane and don’t expect too much for not luxurious boat. FYI Kulafu is doing charity to poor people and helping fishermans whose in danger in the sea. You can add that.

    1. Whoa! Triggered much. So I have no right to say that the boat is indeed noisy? Isn't that a fact?

      You are so triggered that you even visited this blog's "About Me Page". Lols.


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